Here Comes The Sun | Sunny Items For Baby’s First Spring

Did you survive the time change? It’s rough to lose an hour but I’m not gonna lie, I love it when we have an extra hour of sunshine in the evenings. I live in the sunshine state so you’d think I’d be sick of it but you’d be wrong… I love when it’s still bright and shining later into the days. So hello spring! And in honor of an extra hour of sunshine, here are some bright and sunny handmade baby goods to get you in the spring spirit!

  • You Are My Sunshine!

    You Are My Sunshine!

    It’s sunny out for an extra hour every day. If that doesn’t inspire you to spring into… well… spring, I don’t know what will. Maybe this sunny shirt for your little one?
    Truly Sanctuary

  • Sunny Yellow Ruffle Love

    Sunny Yellow Ruffle Love

    I’m a huge fan of leggings for little ones. They are super cute. They are soft and stretchy so kiddos can move. And they are easy. These yellow ruffle ones are top on my list.
    Sew A Fine Seam

  • Sunny Polka Dot Bow Tie For Your Little Gentleman

    Sunny Polka Dot Bow Tie For Your Little Gentleman

    Gosh I just ADORE bow ties for little boys. And spring is such a fun time as there are a wealth of adorable pastel patterns available out there like this sunny yellow polka dot one.
    Victoria’s Bliss

  • Sunny Suspenders

    Sunny Suspenders

    Dapper tiny men will look so adorable and spring-y in these chevron yellow and white suspenders.
    My Crafty Wednesday

  • Bloomers For Spring

    Bloomers For Spring

    I don’t have a little girl, so I don’t get to take part in the adorable bloomer fun. But if I did, I’d totally scoop up some sunny ones like these.
    Evelyn Fields

  • Springtime Peter Pan Collar Dress

    Springtime Peter Pan Collar Dress

    And no, that wasn’t just for the Disney reference. This peter pan collar dress is so cute, trendy, and perfect for spring.
    Evelyn Fields

  • Shine Shining Down on... Your Head?

    Shine Shining Down on... Your Head?

    I love this spring sunshine take on the more abundant floral headbands, this one looks just like a sun to me.
    Stella Arbor Boutique

  • Banana Bibs for All!

    Banana Bibs for All!

    I am the BIGGEST fan of bandana bibs. They are so stinking cute and they don’t even look like a bib so you can totally leave them on and take your little one out and everyone will just think he’s super stylish (not just droopy!)

  • Some Spring in Their Step

    Some Spring in Their Step

    If you haven’t already hopped on the baby mocs bandwagon let me cordially invite you to join the rest of us. Aren’t these sunny yellow ones adorable?

  • Sunflower Earrings for Little Girls

    Sunflower Earrings for Little Girls

    If your little one has pierced ears, these sunflower earrings are super cute (and perfect for springtime)!
    Love Aring

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