Halloween Leg Warmers For Babies ~ Fun & Spooky Designs For Newborns & Crawlers

In my humble opinion, leg warmers are an absolute must-have for babies. They are an all-in-one accessory that are so incredibly useful from birth right up to toddlerhood and even beyond (my daughter is 6 and still wears them from time to time). Leg warmers are great for providing an extra layer of warmth for newborns and protect little knees as your baby grows and begins to crawl.

  • Pumpkin Legwarmers

    Pumpkin Legwarmers

    These are far from scary, in fact they are down right adorable! Pair a set of these polka dotted leg warmers with a tutu and your munchkin will be ready for Halloween (or Thanksgiving) fun.

  • Beautiful Bumblebee

    Beautiful Bumblebee

    You don’t have to wait until Halloween to dress up your little bumblebee. With their grosgrain bows and eye-catching stripes, these leg warmers will fit newborn babies all the way up to 8-year-old kids.

  • Candy Corn Legs

    Candy Corn Legs

    These leg warmers are sweet as candy! Candy Corn to be exact. Featuring thick stripes of white, orange and yellow, these colorful warmers can be customized with the felt design of your choice (skull, heart, star or initial).

  • Funky Mohawk Skull

    Funky Mohawk Skull

    This set is a fun example on how to wear a pair of leg warmers. The black body suit has a funky white skull applique that matches quite nicely with the skulls on these warmers.

  • Green Spiders

    Green Spiders

    Spiders creep and crawl and weave their way along and around these lime green warmers. I’m quite liking the ‘lace’ look of them.

  • It's a Party!

    It's a Party!

    It’s like an all-in-one Halloween party! These leg warmers have it all, the purple, orange, lime green and black colors we love so much during this time and big orange polka dot bows sewn on the ankles.

  • Ghostly Encounters

    Ghostly Encounters

    Two friendly little ghosts have been appliqued on these solid black warmers. They are available in two sizes – “bite sized” for newborns up to 15 pounds and “snack sized” for babies and kids over 15 pounds.

  • It's Superbaby!

    It's Superbaby!

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s – Superbaby! These leg warmers come complete with a cape attached to the backs.

  • Halloween With A Touch Of Glitter

    Halloween With A Touch Of Glitter

    Glitter improve and glam up just about everything. If you look closely at the black bows on these these orange and black leg warmers, you will notice glittery details that add a touch of glam to your baby’s gams.

  • Wonder Baby

    Wonder Baby

    These Wonder Woman leg warmers are so popular, they are currently on pre-order, however they do guarantee delivery before Halloween if you order soon. Check out the attached capes on the backs of these cute accessories!

  • The Bat Baby

    The Bat Baby

    Batman has nothing on those sweet baby legs. Keep them warm and ready for action with these leg warmers which come complete with a cape attached to the backs.

  • Robin!


    Oh the flashbacks! Boom! Pow! Take your baby from infant to superhero with these fun leg warmers complete with a cape attached to the backs.

  • Zippy Zebra

    Zippy Zebra

    It doesn’t take much for a baby to embrace their wild side, but these black and white zebra print warmers might help jump start the process ;).

  • Strawberry Shortcake

    Strawberry Shortcake

    Strawberry Shortcake is a favorite among little girls. Her sweet curls, charm and cute style win me over every, single time. These green and white striped leg warmers are embellished with a red or pink bow.

  • Baby Dinosaur

    Baby Dinosaur

    The green spikes on these leg warmers are just enough to turn your little one into a little dino. One size fits all.

  • Black and Lime Green Skulls

    Black and Lime Green Skulls

    I’ve never associated skulls with fashion, but apparently all you have to do is add a bow and choose the right colors for it to work. These leg warmers are available in three different sizes, the smallest one will fit newborns to 4-year-olds.

  • Black, Orange, Purple & Green

    Black, Orange, Purple & Green

    Jack-o-lanterns, bats and cats – oh my! Add in some orange and black polka dotted bows and you are ready for some Halloween fun with these leg warmers.

I found our leg warmers to be indispensable while potty training my kids, because they could run around pant-less while still staying warm. There was never any need to change their pants and they could pop on and of the potty quickly without the complication of quick clothing changes.

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to round-up the cutest leg warmers that have a not-so-scary spook factor. Remember the Halloween baby prop post I published a couple of days ago? These could quite easily be used for the same sort of thing.

Another fun idea would be to purchase matching warmers in the larger size and wear them yourself as arm warmers. Matching Mom & Baby! ;)

Have you ever purchased leg warmers for your baby or your older children?

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