From Everyday Wear to Halloween Wear: 10 Sets to Use All Season

I absolutely love kids in costumes, and when they are tiny, it’s even better! I am a fan of hats with ears and little fairy wings and everything in between. So it stands to reason that I adore Halloween and the costume potential of that holiday. I have so much fun putting together my kids’ costumes. My favorites have been costumes that could be jazzed up for Halloween but used from day to day as well. The more costume wear, the better, though there is a fine line between adorable and over the top. Over the top is definitely for Halloween itself, but there are plenty of adorable outfits featuring costume details that are just right to dress baby in every day…and then watch everyone who sees your little one smile.

That’s why I love the Disney Baby Cuddly Bodysuit Sets. You can pair the bodysuit and personalizable hat with Disney Cuddly Pants in a coordinating color for everyday wear, then add extra special details, like faux fur leg warmers and a little bit of face paint, for Halloween itself. There are ten sets to choose from, and endless possibilities for dressing them up even more when it’s time to trick or treat.

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