For the Tall, Skinny Babies

My son has my husband’s genes through and through — extra tall and extra thin.

It was evident from his earliest months — first from his percentile charting and then with the pants situation. Until I discovered baby jeans that have waist adjustments inside, I couldn’t find anything that was long enough and yet trim enough.

Which is why I love the Disney Cuddly Bodysuit with Grow-An-Inch Snaps:

The bodysuits have two rows of snaps — perfect for those babies who could really use an extra inch before outgrowing their baby uniform. And I’m telling you guys, I’ve seen/used a ton of different bodysuits in my mothering years, and I’ve never felt such a high-quality bodysuit. They’re soft! And thick! And they come in so many styles!

From basic colors to fancy patterns (like the 101 Dalmatians and The Lion King, above), you can shop all of them at Disney Baby.

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