For the Love of Tutus

My baby girl, “Pink”, loves a lot of things. Dancing, singing, playing ball, and copying her big brothers. But her latest love is one that’s very new to our house (which is filled to the brim will sports equipment, trucks, and superheroes). Pink loves tutu skirts.

Though you may find it hard to believe, at 19 months my little girl is extremely opinionated about her wardrobe (though if you know her brothers, this won’t surprise you at all). And the thing about a 19-month old picking out her clothes is, well, she doesn’t seem to care if a pink and white polka dotted shirt matches red and black striped leggings. She also doesn’t seem to mind the fact that two pairs of leggings don’t cover her top half.

minnie skeggings

The one thing we can both agree on is the skirt. Without fail, she tracks down one of her favorite tutu skirts and says, “On! On!” The great thing about the adorable Disney Baby outfit she has on in this pic is that the leggings—with gem Mickeys at the ankles, no less!—are attached to the skirt, so they always match. She laughs, she twirls, she runs to a mirror to admire her girlie awesomeness. And then she runs out to the playroom and finds her favorite football to throw at her brothers.

Since it may not last, I’m loving every minute she’s loving the tutus. Can you blame me?

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