Finding Our Stride | The Search for the Perfect Toddler Sandal

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me these adorable shoes for free. Here are some similar ones in the Disney Baby shop: Mickey Mouse Soft Motion Sandals.

For the longest time our son wouldn’t wear shoes. He would curl his toes and scrunch his feet any time we tried to put shoes on them, making it virtually impossible to get anything other than slippers on his feet (which he would immediately pull right back off again). The search for the perfect toddler summer shoe seemed to be never ending! But this summer we are finding our stride!


mickey shoes

Our little adventurer wants to be on-the-go all the time. So we had to find shoes that we could get on his feet and that would actually stay on his feet. And, since it’s summer, we needed shoes that were light and cool. Then, these super cool sandals arrived on our doorstep and our shoe troubles were over. They are so easy to get on, Velcro tightly shut, and have cutouts to let air flow. They are soft and flexible for toddlers still getting their bearings on the whole walking thing and they are cute enough to elicit “What adorable shoes!” from strangers in the grocery store. And I love that they are neutral colored so they match a whole bunch of different outfit options.

Now nothing can stop him. He’s off for a summer of fun. Standing on his own two feet. I’m just trying to keep up! ;)

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