Eat ‘Em Up: Food-Related Halloween Costumes for Baby

When it comes to Halloween, I have, well … a bizarre love of food-related fun. And with a last name like Heinz, I couldn’t help but dig myself into a deep costume-making hole when my first baby was able to walk. My mother-in-law, husband, and I were determined to make the greatest ketchup bottle known to baby-kind. And we did. But the kid refused to wear it. (Which didn’t stop us from trying to bring it back year after year—and buying the complementary hamburger, of course.)

Well, it turns out there’s an easier way. I’ve rounded up some of the most fun food-related costumes around.

  • Playing With Our Food

    Playing With Our Food

    My DIY Heinz bottle in all its glory. Perfectly paired with a deliciously adorable hamburger.

  • Are You Kidding Me?

    Are You Kidding Me?

    First of all, why wasn’t this around when I couldn’t live without a Heinz costume? Second, how squeezable is this baby?

    $24.30 (on sale) at Costume Craze

  • With a Side of Adorable

    With a Side of Adorable

    My almost 2-year old wore this a couple years ago (beside his ketchup-fighting big bro) and it was really comfortable. Not to mention funny.

    $18.50 (on sale) at Old Navy

  • Something Sweet

    Something Sweet

    Really, nothing beats milk and cookies. And this adorable hand-made Etsy design is precious.

    $60 at The Costume Cafe on Etsy

  • Peeling Precious

    Peeling Precious

    This fuss-free banana (bunting) costume will keep Baby comfy and cute.

    $18 (on sale) at Old Navy

  • One Tasty Treat

    One Tasty Treat

    Candy corn happens to be my weakness, and this hilarious costume is no exception.

    $29 at Chasing Fireflies

  • Lil' Peanut

    Lil' Peanut

    This is perfect for the little one bearing the nickname “peanut”. I mean, come on.

    $18.69 (on sale) at Costume Craze

  • Spice Things Up

    Spice Things Up

    Whether it’s a nod to your favorite band or a hilarious way to dress up your itty bitty one, this chili pepper (bunting) costume is awesome.

    $19.99 at Spirit Halloween

  • The Cherry on Top

    The Cherry on Top

    If you’ve got a sweet kid on your hands, this cupcake costume will be the perfect fit.

    $18.50 (on sale) at Old Navy

  • Breakfast for Halloween

    Breakfast for Halloween

    And to think I didn’t know if I could love bacon and eggs more than I already do. This hand-made Etsy find is as funny as it is unique.

    $60 at The Costume Cafe on Etsy

  • Run, Run...

    Run, Run...

    If you’ve got a speedy little one on your hands, how funny would it be to chase him around in this gingerbread costume?

    $29.99 at

  • Hot Diggity

    Hot Diggity

    Serve this hot dog (bunting) on up with your burger. Or on its own. Either way it will bring everyone lots of great laughs.

    $19.99 at Spirit Halloween

  • Fruity Goodness

    Fruity Goodness

    This strawberry (bunting) costume seems as cozy as it is sweet.

    $20 (on sale) at Old Navy

  • A Halloween Fiesta

    A Halloween Fiesta

    This taco costume gets points for originality and laugh potential.

    $29.99 at

  • Fruit Salad?

    Fruit Salad?

    Whether you partner this watermelon sweetness with a strawberry or enjoy it on its own, you’ll be glad you did.

    $34 at Chasing Fireflies

  • Yum, Yum, and Yum

    Yum, Yum, and Yum

    You don’t need to be camping to appreciate a great s’more.

    $44 at Chasing Fireflies

  • Wrap 'Er Up

    Wrap 'Er Up

    There are lots of fun takes on the sushi costume idea, but I really like the colors and design of this one.

    $39 at Pottery Barn Kids

  • Oh, But Wait

    Oh, But Wait

    This sushi costume is equally adorable. And it can be paired with some soy sauce.

    $120 for BOTH at The Costume Cafe on Etsy

  • Feast Your Eyes

    Feast Your Eyes

    If you’re up for a DIY project, this outrageously funny roast turkey costume will be a hit.

    Instructions at

  • All-American Halloween

    All-American Halloween

    This pie costume is another hilarious DIY food option for the itty-bitty sleepy baby.

    Instructions at

What’s your favorite food-related Halloween costume?

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