Dressing a Newborn

When you’re having your second girl, people tend to assume you must just love bows and headbands and frilly things.

And while I do enjoy dressing up my daughter from time to time, I’ve found that as a parent, especially of a newborn, I’m a pretty minimalist dresser.

When Ella was born, she almost exclusively wore little sleepers and bodysuits. The bows and tiny dresses and mini-adult outfits mostly stayed tucked away in her drawers.

I find that I care more about ease of access to diapers or convenience of changing outfits when the inevitable spitting up occurs than I do about making my daughter look like she walked (or, more likely, crawled) out of a fashion magazine.


I gravitate toward bright, patterned items like these bodysuits, because, even if I’m choosing convenience, I still want my babies in something a little more exciting than a plain white hospital shirt.

101 Dalmations Pajamas

Plus, I feel like the window for how long your child can wear pajamas around the clock or just a bodysuit is very small, so I like to take advantage of it before I have to start using real clothing (I can only imagine the looks my two-year-old would get if she went to the library’s storytime in just a bodysuit).

My mom has commented on how darling baby clothing is now compared to what it was when she had newborns, and I couldn’t agree more. I’m so glad that, even when I’m going for the most comfortable and easy clothing options, my daughters can still look adorable.

How do you dress your newborn?

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