DIY Polka Dot Shirt

I love a good DIY project, but I rarely do them unless they require a fairly low level of skill, few supplies and will look far more impressive than they actually are when finished (you can note this in my previous DIY projects here, here and here). So, when I saw this polka dot jeans DIY that Summer of Fawn & Forest did the other day for A Merry Mishap I thought it looked simple enough and decided to try my hand at it, but I wanted to apply the concept to a piece of baby clothing and thus the polka dot baby shirt DIY was born.

  • DIY polka dot shirt

    DIY polka dot shirt

    Polka dots are all the rage right now and now you can add them onto a baby shirt so your little one can join in on this trend!

  • 1. Gather your supplies

    1. Gather your supplies

    For this project you will need a shirt – A denim button-up would be super cute, but I already had this one so I went with it. You will also need fabric paint and a wooden skewer. (*Note: I used acrylic paint, because I had some on hand and I am impatient and couldn’t wait to get to the craft store. Fabric paint would be a much better choice.)

  • 2. Pour your paint

    2. Pour your paint

    Pour some paint onto a surface (a piece of scrap cardboard would be a good option) for dipping your skewer into. Dip the wider end of the skewer into the paint (not the pointed end) – this is the end you will use to stamp dots onto your shirt.

  • 3. Start stamping

    3. Start stamping

    Following the bottom hem of the shirt stamp a line of dots, dipping your skewer after every 2-3 dots. You could use a ruler for this to make sure the dots are perfectly straight and evenly spaced, but I’m a lazy crafter and just free-handed them. After your first row of dots, begin a second row above and stagger them. Continue until you have the entire front of the shirt covered (*Note: you may want to consider starting at the back of the shirt to get the hang of it first).

  • 4. Paint the back

    4. Paint the back

    Allow your shirt to dry for 5-10 minutes and then flip it over and make the stamped dot pattern on the back of the shirt.

  • 5. Now for the sleeves

    5. Now for the sleeves

    Now continue the stamping method onto the sleeves. You’ll have to do one side and after it dries you will be able to stamp the other side of the sleeve. Also, stamp dots onto the collar.

  • 6. Admire your handiwork

    6. Admire your handiwork

    Give your shirt a once-over and add dots to any spots that you may have missed.

  • 7. Have a photo shoot!

    7. Have a photo shoot!

    Put the shirt on your baby (maybe add a belt!) and have a little living room photo shoot. THE END!

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