DIY Ghost Footprint Bodysuit for Baby

Have you ever tried to get a 17-month old to hold still while you paint her foot so you can take a picture? (Or when you have the finished product, for that matter?) I have, but it wasn’t successful. Luckily the ghost footprint bodysuit turned out to be adorable, so I won’t hold a grudge. (As long as you don’t hold my questionable photography skills against me, of course.)


ghost bodysuit

Here’s what you’ll need:
• Blank body suit (white is easiest to find, but black would be fun too)
• Fabric paint (I wanted a bit of girlie color, so I got some pink to go with the Halloween black and orange)
• Paint brush
• Piece of heavy paper or cardboard (to put in the “body” of the body suit so the paint doesn’t leak through)
• 3 patient, able-bodied adults (that is if your baby is as active as mine is these days, otherwise 2 should work)

set up

Step One: Slide a piece of cardboard between the bodysuit so the paint doesn’t leak through. Wrap extra fabric back around cardboard so it doesn’t get in the way or accidentally get paint on it. (Be sure Baby wrangler is actually doing his job … ahem.)


Step Two: Have one adult hold Baby while another paints Baby’s foot with fabric paint. Have the painter carefully guide Baby’s foot to the center of the shirt (be sure it’s high up enough that a skirt or pants won’t cover the ghost), and make a footprint with toes facing down.

Step Three: Once the footprint dries, use fabric paint to add eyes and any other wording or decor you might want. I thought “Peek-A-BOO!” was a fun play on the holiday and my daughter’s age.

Step Four: Enjoy the compliments as your baby becomes the talk of the park!

BONUS CRAFT: Big brothers and sisters may not want a footprint shirt of their own, but they can use washable paint to do this on paper and make cards for friends and family. Let them paint each others’ feet, but then you’ll need to help them stand up on the other foot to make their mark. (Yes my boys did this, don’t ask about those pictures either …)

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