12 of the Most Adorable DIY & Handmade Baby Moccasins. Ever.

There’s no way to fluff over the fact that Native inspired fashion is trending right now. It has been for a while. Which of course has transpired into all that is Baby and Toddler.

One of the biggest crazes being the baby mocassin.

Understandably. They are ridiculously cute. I do think it’s important, however, to keep it real. To remember that what may seem a harmless form of cultural inspiration and appreciation; at times – can actually be cultural appropriation.


Important topics to discuss as parents, which I hope we can become less uncomfortable talking about in the future. Which is why I think we have such a powerful opportunity as writers, readers, and consumers to share handmade art and fashion that comes from the cultures from which they originated. When we make or purchase handmade goods that represent how they were originally made and worn, we are keeping those traditions, those stories; alive. To be enjoyed by all, as they were meant to be. We are passing them onto our babies, our children. We are supporting Native artists, companies and brands, putting them on the forefront of the trends.

To be clear, I celebrate in the fact that my my culture is so heavily inspiring art and fashion right now, for all ages. When done respectfully. Which is why it brings me great joy to share this adorable mix of DIY (free tutorials!) and handmade baby moccasins shared from both Native and non-Native lovers of the mocc. A while back I enjoyed the collection our very own Nadia Carriere put together of 10 Of The Sweetest Sandals & Barefoot Shoes For Babies, so I hope you all like this one! I also included a couple of amazing tutorials for the mama bears. For the obvious reasons. Enjoy the roundup.

  • Fringed Slip-Ons

    Fringed Slip-Ons

    These simple yet darling moccs would look adorable on a baby girl or boy. The great thing about moccasins is that they are fairly easy to make! Honest. Just give it a try.

    Find the DIY tutorial here, as adapted via: Domestic Reflections

  • My Girl's Nube Moccs

    My Girl's Nube Moccs

    These petit elk skin moccs were a gift to my daughter Abby when she was born, by our elder. She wore them a few times, most importantly to her Naming Ceremony and they are now perched on one of her shelves with the beginnings of her medicine bundle. I am inclined to make a new pair each growth spurt for her myself, so there may be a DIY from me in the near future.

  • Knitted Moccasins

    Knitted Moccasins

    These right here? I die. Perfect for a newborn’s little feet, but I’m betting you could adjust the pattern to various sizes and blanket stitch suede or some other durable, non-slip material as outer soles.

    Get the FREE DIY via: The Purl Bee

  • Ankle Boot Style Moccs

    Ankle Boot Style Moccs

    These charming little rich cocoa mocc booties would look ever so dapper on a baby or toddler boy. That’s stating the obvious. However, I’ve never bought into the whole colours identify gender thing. Lavendar and brown? Pink and brown? Delicious. Although, since these are a DIY, I wouldn’t shy away from adding a beaded pattern on the top sole, or making them in a different colour.

    Find the tutorial here, adapted via: Northwest Edible Life

  • Elk Skin Quemeez

    Elk Skin Quemeez

    These buttery soft moccs with the little bear paws do me in with the cute. Made by Sunshine Tenasco of Quemeez, her online business is undergoing some big changes, and she is on mat leave. You may be lucky enough to find her if you hit the Pow Wow trail. Or, you can always message her on her Facebook Fanpage, I’ve heard she’s taking custom orders that way.

  • Cupcake Moccs

    Cupcake Moccs

    These soft-soled little slip-ons are the perfect DIY, where you can really make them your own by choosing whatever fabric you want. In my eyes the suede is a must.

    Get the FREE DIY via: Sew Can Do, which includes a bonus Sherpa Boot tutorial for the mamas!

  • Pony Hair Moccs

    Pony Hair Moccs

    I know. Just stop, right? One word: exquisite.
    Find them here

  • Knee High Mukluks

    Knee High Mukluks

    I had never seen baby mukluks like these before. I was gleefully floored when one of my best friends presented my daughter Abby with them for her 1st birthday a few weeks back. She made them herself people. With no pattern, other than tracing an outline of her little foot. That’s talent. This is the sort of awesome you will see if you and your fam venture out to one of your local Pow Wows for the day. Authentic, one-of-a kind brilliance.

  • Moccs For The Mamas

    Moccs For The Mamas

    That’s right. Just for you. So you can be all matchy-matchy with your babe, if you are so inclined. But not in an over-done way. Dang, but these look good anyways. And comfortable.

    Get the FREE DIY via: Katie Blauer

  • Beads & Fur

    Beads & Fur

    Pure mocc bling. I don’t know that I’d hook these up for a baby, but I definitely would for a toddler. It gets mighty cold here in the winter. All the better to run around the house in, keeping feet toasty.
    Find them here

  • Traditional Moccasins for the Mamas

    Traditional Moccasins for the Mamas

    If you are feeling adventurous, I highly recommend making these bad boys. If you are not into skinning and tanning eel skin, please note that you can use upcycle leather, suede, deer or elk skin jackets from a second-hand store. I love this tutorial because it is based on the outline of the foot size you are making them. A very simple looking DIY.

    Get the FREE DIY via: Eco Bites

  • Infant Scout Moccasin

    Infant Scout Moccasin

    These deer-skinned little wonders are made in Canada and are very hard to ignore.

    Find them here

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