Disney PJ Pals

In my personal opinion there are few things quite so sweet as a baby in pajamas and even though my daughter has a closet full of cute clothing, sometimes I think she’s most adorable when she’s just lounging in her jammies. I’m a sucker for a cute pair of PJs and Disney has a few pairs that are definitely calling my name for my little one. Here are a few of my favorites from their PJ Pals collection!

  • Adorable Baby Pajamas

    Adorable Baby Pajamas

    Sweet little PJ’s to keep your little one sleeping in comfort and cuteness.

  • Mickey Mouse PJ Pal

    Mickey Mouse PJ Pal

    Classic Mickey Mouse in pajamas form.

    Purchase for $16.50 from Disney Store

  • Minnie Mouse PJ Pal

    Minnie Mouse PJ Pal

    Throwback Minnie Mouse is a personal favorite Disney character of mine and she lends herself to the retro feel of these pajamas.

    Purchase for $16.50 from Disney Store

  • Thumper PJ Pal

    Thumper PJ Pal

    These PJs are actually my favorite of the bunch – I’m obsessed with the color grey and the shades of grey paired with a lovely cream are just right. My little is in definite need of these pajamas.

    Purchase for $16.50 from Disney Store

  • Bambi PJ Pal

    Bambi PJ Pal

    The pale pink of these PJs is subdued and the illustration of Bambi is a dream-like sketch – perfect for bed time.

    Purchase for $16.50 from Disney Store

  • Finding Nemo PJ Pal

    Finding Nemo PJ Pal

    Your little one can dream of under sea adventures while wearing these cute little stripey Nemo PJs. These are technically for boys, but I would totally put my daughter in these.

    Purchase for $16.50 from Disney Store

  • Snow White PJ Pal

    Snow White PJ Pal

    The vintage vibe of these Snow White jammies is so sweet.

    Purchase for $16.50 from Disney Store

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