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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, how can you not be a bit obsessed with all things pink? Disney Baby has a ton of pink goodness for you to swoon over. Whether you’re planning a nursery for a little lady, building a wardrobe for a girlie girl, or looking for a gift to show your love, I handpicked some of my favorite items for your little princesses this Valentine’s Day based (ironically) on my son’s favorite items as a baby…

  • A Pink-tastic Valentine's Day Roundup!

    A Pink-tastic Valentine's Day Roundup!

    For all you lovers of pink, I present the best of the best in every shade from pastel to rose to hot hot pink! Click through for a roundup of Disney goodies in the official color of Valentine’s Day!

  • Be Still My Thumping Heart

    Be Still My Thumping Heart

    Thumper was always one of my favorite Disney characters growing up. This tee would be adorable for Valentine’s Day.
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  • Building a Castle?

    Building a Castle?

    You might need these pink soft blocks to get you started!
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  • Wrapped in Love

    Wrapped in Love

    Our baby LOVED to be swaddled up tight. Soft and breathable blankets make amazing swaddling blankets. This one looks so snuggly!
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  • Because Glass Slippers Are So Unreliable

    Because Glass Slippers Are So Unreliable

    These soft pink shoes are perfect for exploring the park or impromptu Valentines Day dance parties.
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  • Imagination Play in Pink

    Imagination Play in Pink

    When our son was younger, the play gym was his all time favorite toy. This one has all kinds of soft and colorful toys for baby to look at and reach for.
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  • Minnie Mouse To Go

    Minnie Mouse To Go

    This 9oz bottle is the perfect size to throw in your diaper bag while you head out for errands or adventures.
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  • Heirlooms in Pink

    Heirlooms in Pink

    I love heirloom items and the idea of our baby being able to keep it for years and years. Quilts like this one are a great heirloom gift that can be kept for years.
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  • Received With Love

    Received With Love

    Welcome the new little girl in your world with soft and snuggly receiving blankets. You can never have too many blankets like these!
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  • P Is for...

    P Is for...

    Personalizable! These pink patterned towels can be personalized with your little one’s name!
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  • It All Started With a Mouse

    It All Started With a Mouse

    Walt Disney said it himself and he couldn’t be more right. This leading lady started it all. Has anyone looked better in polka dots? This beanie plush looks oh-so-snuggly.
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  • Exciting Underpants

    Exciting Underpants

    Do you have a potty trainer in your house? Make it exciting with pink pull ups like these.
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  • Feeding a Fashionista

    Feeding a Fashionista

    Got a little lady in your house that is learning how to eat? These pink and polka dotted Minnie Mouse bibs will keep her clothes clean while looking cute!
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  • Pink Dreams

    Pink Dreams

    Looking for something a bit more modern? This graphic print with bows and flowers might be more your style.
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  • Pink Lady

    Pink Lady

    A classic look for a little lady. This set includes a matching diaper cover. You know, to keep it classy. ;)
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  • Pacified Princesses

    Pacified Princesses

    For the pink-obsessed, I present these Minnie Mouse pacifiers.
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  • Piglet in PInk

    Piglet in PInk

    This soft and oh-so-shakeable Piglet rattle will keep your little lady entertained.
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  • Grow-an-inch is the new Pink

    Grow-an-inch is the new Pink

    We have one of these Grow-an-Inch bodysuits and let me tell you, they are so very handy! Our little one outgrows bodysuits like it’s his job. You’ll be happy for that extra inch!
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  • Pink Tee Me

    Pink Tee Me

    Little girls just love Minnie Mouse. Why not let them show that affection off this Valentine’s Day with this adorable pink tee.
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  • Pretty Pretty Princess

    Pretty Pretty Princess

    This Princess Aurora doll looks so soft and cuddly, she’s sure to be squeezed and hugged by your little princess.
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  • A Pink Dream Room

    A Pink Dream Room

    Expecting a little lady this Valentines Day? This soft pink Cinderella bedding set might be the perfect option for your nursery.
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