Clever & Easy: Amazing Babywearing Halloween Costumes FTW!

A couple of weeks ago I rounded up a great selection of babywearing images and quotes from around the globe. In the spirit of Halloween, I discovered that some of the very same mamas have created brilliant babywearing costumes in past years.

They, their friends and some of mine too; have contributed a fantastic selection of DIY’s, free (easy!) tutorials, ideas and instructions for all of you babywearing mamas out there! Most of us with little babes are going out early if all all (mostly for the older kids if we have them, or for ourselves – who are we kidding?) Be prepared to die from the adorable of these creepy cute ‘mommy & me’ costumes!

  • Boo!


    Halloween is but a few short days away. Perhaps some of you mamas of babies aren’t aware of the occult Halloween Babywearing Society. It’s a thing. Simple ideas straight ahead…

  • Amazing DIY Ideas From 'Mama's Milk'

    Amazing DIY Ideas From 'Mama's Milk'

    A trifecta of adorable ideas right here. Watermelon, Super-baby and a darling little cloud angel.

    Get the instructions and tutorials for all three via Mama’s Milk

  • Popcorn Concession!

    Popcorn Concession!

    Ahhh! This is almost too much cute to bear. Fantastic idea.

    Learn more over on Aesthetic Outburst

  • Ariel Love

    Ariel Love

    To say that someone is a fan of The Little Mermaid would be an understatement.

    Courtesy Pax Baby

  • Monkey in a Tree

    Monkey in a Tree

    Oy. So easy and killer cute.

    Learn more and see more ideas over on Wrap Your Baby!

  • Pea in a Pod & Owl

    Pea in a Pod & Owl

    A double whammy of easy DIY instructions right here fro you. Take your pick!

    Find the instructions over on Bare Foot Babies

  • Two Headed Monster

    Two Headed Monster

    My new friend Diana throws DOWN with this genius idea.

    Learn more over on her blog Wrap Your Baby

  • More Mama's Milk Brilliance

    More Mama's Milk Brilliance

    This time we have a peacock, hot pepper and a flower. Easy, adorable ideas every single one of ‘em!

    Get the instructions for all three via Mama’s Milk

  • Mickey as a Pirate & a Little Yoda

    Mickey as a Pirate & a Little Yoda

    Firstly, that Mickey carrier is adorable and secondly? You will quickly find out that Yoda and Luke Skywalker costumes for babywearing fathers currently reign supreme. For all of the obvious reasons.

    Courtesy Pax Baby

  • Monkey on my Back

    Monkey on my Back

    Very comical. Clearly this Halloween business is all for the parents at this age. Although I suppose the kids will love seeing the pictures when they are older. Uhm, NOT! Either way, it’s dang cute, so.

    Leran more over on The sling Lady

  • Two Angels

    Two Angels

    Darling idea!

    Sent in courtesy Pax Baby

  • Owl in a Tree!

    Owl in a Tree!

    Eeeee! Quite possibly my favourite, only because I am forever smitten with owls.

    Find the complete DIY over on Humpty Was Pushed

  • Super-Baby & Mama To The Rescue!

    Super-Baby & Mama To The Rescue!

    So it’s been photo-shopped. Which makes it even better.

    Sent in from Pax Baby

  • Little Ladybug

    Little Ladybug

    A sweet and simple idea.

    Get the complete DIY over on The Train To Crazy

  • Lore & Fantasy...

    Lore & Fantasy...

    Medieval style. You can’t deny the fun being had here. I surmise that a mama’s princess cap could be easily made using bristol board, felt and some chiffon or sheer gauzy-like fabric. The dragon baby? You can find little body-suits like that everywhere.

    Sent in from Pax Baby

  • Told Ya...More Yoda & Luke

    Told Ya...More Yoda & Luke

    Together Forever. Don’t mess.

    Learn more over on Creative Carissa

  • Wilma & Her Baby Dinosaur

    Wilma & Her Baby Dinosaur

    So creative! This is one serious DIY costume mama.

    Find out how to do this (plus tons of other ideas) over on BK Tribe

  • Scout Leader Attacked by Wild Cub

    Scout Leader Attacked by Wild Cub

    It was all over the news. She even adopted the bear and tamed it. Amazing.

    Learn more over on Idaho Babywearers

  • Day of the Dead “Calaveras” (Couple)

    Day of the Dead “Calaveras” (Couple)

    This mama of 6 knows how to keep things under control on Halloween night and still have fun. Toddlerwearing!

    Sent in from Pax Baby

  • Little Town of Bethlehem...

    Little Town of Bethlehem...

    and the entire Holy Family. You saw it here first people.

    Instructions can be found over on Pax Baby

  • The Last of The Yoda Parade

    The Last of The Yoda Parade

    I swear. This time with a dad who really did it up as Luke Skywalker. Go team dad!

    Learn how to do this easy costume over on Benzilla

  • Baby Wearing Baby!

    Baby Wearing Baby!

    Uhm, ‘scuse me – but this is over the top adorable. I mean, really. It’s been included for the obvious reasons.

    Learn more via Little Free Radical

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