Best Halloween Costumes for Crawlers

Oh the crawling stage. It doesn’t last for long, so if your baby is in it this Halloween, be sure to find a costume that makes the most of it. You’ll love the pictures, the memories, and the fun that each of these costumes is sure to bring you and your family.

  • Hands Down Adorable

    Hands Down Adorable

    Find a costume worthy of the precious little on-the-go baby you’ll be putting inside of it.

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  • I'll Take the Lobster

    I'll Take the Lobster

    I mean, seriously, is this hilarious, or what? And why not take a huge pot out trick-or-treating so you can carry your “all done” baby at the end of a long day.

    $34.95 at

  • Sneaky and Sweet

    Sneaky and Sweet

    A whole lot of Disney fun … and personality. It’s the Cheshire Cat, of course.

    $59.99 at Spirit Halloween

  • Not-So-Speedy Crawler?

    Not-So-Speedy Crawler?

    Give a nod to your slow and steady crawler with this very funny turtle costume.

    $22.85 at

  • On the Mooo-ve

    On the Mooo-ve

    Just imagine that sweet little tail in the air. Doesn’t get much cuter than this cozy cow.

    $19.99 (on sale) at Chasing Fireflies

  • To Candy ... And Beyond

    To Candy ... And Beyond

    Of course you need not go further than Disney Baby to find a classic crawler Buzz Lightyear costume.

    $34.50 at Disney Baby

  • Talk About Personality

    Talk About Personality

    Teething? Crawling-induced bruises? What makes your little crawler crabby? Certainly not this smile-inducing crab costume.

    $19.99 (on sale) at Chasing Fireflies

  • Order To Go

    Order To Go

    Your little one will look so cute in this taco costume, he’ll practically be edible.

    $29.99 at

  • Baby's On Fire

    Baby's On Fire

    Got a baby that won’t slow down? Then this powerful, but playful dragon costume could be just right.

    $34.05 at Costume Craze

  • A Load of Fun

    A Load of Fun

    Crawling isn’t always the most graceful stage. This sweet hippo costume is perfect for the clumsy crawler.

    $49.99 at

  • Little Lady

    Little Lady

    Your girlie girl will look pretty in pink as she flies through the big day in this beautiful ladybug costume.

    $29.99 at

  • Command Attention

    Command Attention

    Does your little one Army crawl? You know, on his belly and elbows, dragging his legs behind? Yeah, mine did too.

    $39.99 at

  • Double Vision

    Double Vision

    You won’t be able to tell which legs are Baby’s and which are the costume. This octopus costume will have everyone laughing.

    $27.99 at Costume Discounters

  • Little Stinker

    Little Stinker

    Speedy, stinky, and adorable. Does that sound like your little one? Then consider this skunk costume.

    $42.99 at Spirit Halloween

  • Slow Poke

    Slow Poke

    This snail costume is the ultimate for the new crawler who hasn’t quite figured out how to get going.

    $39.99 at

  • Go, Go, Go

    Go, Go, Go

    Sometimes those little crawlers are as fast and sneaky as a spider. It’s as if they have a few extra legs … and this Halloween they can.

    Price varies by size at

What’s your favorite costume for a crawler?

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