Baby’s First Halloween | Funny Hat Costumes For Babies

It’s our son’s first ever halloween although we have no idea what to dress him up as. Any suggestions? While perusing the world wide web, I stumbled across this treasure trove of funny hats for babies that would make the simplest and cutest first Halloween costumes for wee ones. Click through and tell me your favorites!

  • A Great Halloween You Will Have

    A Great Halloween You Will Have

    This was the hat that started it all. My husband is a HUGE Star Wars fan. How funny would it be for our son to be Yoda for Halloween? Add a green bodysuit and he’ll be ready to go!
    Evelyn’s Stuff

  • Dragon Baby

    Dragon Baby

    This cracks me up. I love that this hat goes all the way down the back to look like a little dragon. So cute. I kind of love it.
    Crochet and Art

  • Little Long Neck

    Little Long Neck

    How fun is this hat and diaper cover combo? I think the little giraffe ears are just too cute, don’t you?
    Simply Soft Baby Loft

  • Ribbit! Ribbit!

    Ribbit! Ribbit!

    Add a green t-shirt and pants and you’ll have an itty bitty frog ready to hop around the neighborhood.
    Crochet and Art

  • Hip Hop Happy Halloween

    Hip Hop Happy Halloween

    This is adorable right? Little bunny babies for halloween. This would look super cute in two different colors on twins too!
    Baba Moon

  • Where's My Cocoon?

    Where's My Cocoon?

    This little hat and cocoon outfit would be so cute and hilarious for baby’s first halloween!
    Crochet and Art

  • Under De Sea

    Under De Sea

    This might be my favorite of them all. Simply because the thought of our son dressed up in this cracks me up. I’m sure he’d get the most candy on the block!
    Fashion Touch

  • Ghostly hats

    Ghostly hats

    Keep it simple with a white one piece and this ghost hat.
    Farm Fresh Baby Hats

  • Koala Bear Baby

    Koala Bear Baby

    This fluffy koala hat is beyond adorable. I’m sure you could find more excuses to put your baby in it after halloween. Even if just for adorable pictures.
    Knoodle Knits

  • Monsters!


    I LOVE these little monsters. These would be super cute on siblings too.
    K Crochet Designs

  • Mighty Mouse

    Mighty Mouse

    So cute! Dress baby up like an itty bitty mouse.
    Deerie Handmade, photo by Chloa Austin Photography

  • For The Ocean Lovers

    For The Ocean Lovers

    This octopus hat is so cute with all it’s dangling tentacles. One stop costume, right here folks!
    Just For Baby With Love

  • Creatures of the Night

    Creatures of the Night

    Creatures of the night don’t have to be scary. This owl hat is precious.
    Simply Soft Baby Loft, photo by Kara Nicole Photography

  • Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween

    Love this happy skeleton hat! So cute for the little ones!
    Dino Attack

  • On Safari

    On Safari

    This Zebra hat is so fun! You could really put it with any outfit and it would look adorable.
    Jojos Bootique

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