Baby It’s Cold Outside | Stay Warm in Cozy Hats for Fall!

Even down here in Florida the weather is cooling off! ‘Tis the season for snuggling up in big sweaters, soft scarves and cozy hats. There are so many cute ones out there from current, to vintage, to handmade, and even in the Disney Baby shop. I’ve rounded up some fall favorites for your shopping pleasure. Let me know which is your favorite!

  • The Acorn Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

    The Acorn Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

    How cute is this handmade crochet acorn hat. It’s definitely a fall-themed accessory but it would be super cute during family get togethers or photos!
    Crochet By Allie

  • An Apple A Day...

    An Apple A Day...

    I so wish that apples grew down here in Florida. I have a life goal of traveling north to go apple picking in an orchard one day. Till then, I guess I can live vicariously with this adorable apple baby hat.
    Lakeview Cottage Kids

  • Beary Cute and Cuddly

    Beary Cute and Cuddly

    If you haven’t picked up on it yet from my past product roundups, I am a sucker for animal ears on baby items and this super snuggly bear hat/cowl is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
    K Crochet Designs

  • Graphic Love

    Graphic Love

    Simplicity is always nice and this graphic print in black and white would work well for a little boy or a little girl during any cold weather season.
    Jets and Lilys

  • Rustic Beanie Love

    Rustic Beanie Love

    You don’t need something pumpkin shaped, orange, or red to convey the fall message. This neutral and rustic colored baby beanie is oh-so-autumn without being too bright or kitschy.
    The Moonlight Shadow

  • My Little Elf

    My Little Elf

    I ADORE these elfish shaped hats that I’ve been seeing all around. This orange one is perfect for autumn pumpkin patches and other cold-weather outings.
    K Crochet Designs

  • Team Spirit

    Team Spirit

    It’s football season! This little football hat would look so cute on game day, or any day, don’t you think?
    Baby Modo

  • My Little Baby Bear

    My Little Baby Bear

    AHHH! The adorable animal-inspired baby accessories continue. I am in love with this one. I think it’s my favorite from the whole roundup. Our son is a bit too small for it still so someone else snatch it up!
    K Crochet Designs

  • Knitted Newsboy

    Knitted Newsboy

    Newsboy hats are so charming on little gentlemen. This one is super snuggly because it’s handmade and knitted.
    KT and the Squid

  • Simple Stripes

    Simple Stripes

    My love for simple patterns knows no bounds. Sometimes you just gotta take it back to basics, right? This navy blue and white beanie would be so versatile.
    Lakeview Cottage Kids

  • 'Ello Govna

    'Ello Govna

    I’m not sure why this hat inspires me to talk in a bad Brittish accent but it totally does. Could there be anything cuter? (The hat, not my accent.) I think not.
    Jets and Liilys

  • Owl Love You Forever

    Owl Love You Forever

    Owls will always be adorable translated into baby things. This yellow and gray hat (that also keeps little ears warm) is too cute for words.
    K Crochet Designs

  • My Lil Punkin

    My Lil Punkin

    I know right? It’s a bit on the nose but I couldn’t resist. So cute for Thanksgiving, or family photos, or pumpkin patch visiting.
    Suzy Cute

  • Vintage Love

    Vintage Love

    Oh man, I am in love with this vintage red patterned hat for little ones. That pouf? Adorable.

  • You are my Sun(flower)shine

    You are my Sun(flower)shine

    For your little sun sine, this sunflower hat in fall hues is perfection. Pair it with some neutral colors and let that flower pop.
    Lakeview Cottage Kids

  • Old School Snuggly

    Old School Snuggly

    Another adorable vintage piece, I don’t think there’s a situation where this vintage bear patterned hat wouldn’t be the cutest thing ever.
    Cleverly Curated

  • Lightning McQueen

    Lightning McQueen

    Disney baby has this great Lightning McQueen hat available in the shop for your little lover of Cars.
    Lightning McQueen Hat by Disney Baby

  • Pooh Bear Beanie

    Pooh Bear Beanie

    The little bear ears just kill me. I love them. And I love this simple Pooh beanie that Disney has made available this fall.
    Pooh Beanie by Disney Baby

  • The Wonderfulest Thing About Tiggers Is...

    The Wonderfulest Thing About Tiggers Is...

    That you can now get them in hat form. This super cozy Tigger hat is now available in the Disney Baby shop. Click the link below to check it out.
    Tigger Hat by Disney Baby

  • Mickey Mouse Beanie

    Mickey Mouse Beanie

    For you Mickey fans, I present this cute blue and gray beanie with a classic Mickey and monogrammed M. Thinking of making a trip to Disney this fall? This would be the perfect hat!
    Mickey Beanie by Disney Baby


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