Moms Share: Baby’s First Halloween Costume Ideas

The first year of a baby’s life is full of firsts. From the first smile to the first step, we embrace every first moment and document the memories. A baby’s first Halloween is no exception and that first Halloween costume for baby is an important decision for most parents. Do you go traditional and cute or choose a more standard Halloween costume?

My daughter’s first Halloween costume was a cheerleader costume and my baby boy dressed as Yoda last year for his first Halloween. We definitely did not go the traditional route for our babies’ first Halloween costumes. What have other parents done for baby’s first Halloween? Check out what these moms did for their baby’s first Halloween costumes!

Baby’s First Halloween Costume Ideas

  • Polar Bear, Polar Bear

    Polar Bear, Polar Bear

    This polar bear cutie is sure to melt your heart!
    Submitted by Shana, Shanamama

  • Homemade Brobee Costume

    Homemade Brobee Costume

    Simple, adorable, and comfy for baby, don’t you think? By the way, dad knit the hat!
    Submitted by Jessica, The B Keeps Us Honest

  • A Princess in the Making

    A Princess in the Making

    We love dressing up girls as princesses, don’t we? This cute Snow White has the best headband to coordinate with her dress!
    Submitted by Alba, Independent Mami

  • Baby Jedi

    Baby Jedi

    A handmade baby Jedi costume for a girl is something this family will always treasure!
    Submitted by Lisa, Sabor a Cajeta

  • You've Never Seen a Pink Octopus Before?

    You've Never Seen a Pink Octopus Before?

    Animals are a popular first Halloween costume for babies and this pink octopus cutie doesn’t disappoint!
    Submitted by Vera, Lady and the Blog

  • Pumpkin Love

    Pumpkin Love

    Traditional and timeless, dressing baby as a pumpkin is beloved by many parents!
    Submitted by Erin, A Parenting Production

  • Magical Fairy

    Magical Fairy

    Everyone could use a little fairy magic and this baby girl is ready to do just that in her Tinker Bell costume!
    Submitted by Shana, Shanamama

  • Boo!


    Cute as ever in Halloween colors and a ghostly hat, this baby is ready for his first Halloween!
    Submitted by Hillary, my scraps

  • Chili Pepper Goodness

    Chili Pepper Goodness

    It’s fitting that this cooking mama would dress her baby with a food costume. Wouldn’t you want to eat this baby chili up?
    Submitted by Yvette, Muy Bueno Cookbook

  • Pumpkin Cutie

    Pumpkin Cutie

    Another pumpkin cutie dressed to impress for his first Halloween!
    Submitted by Shana, Shanamama

What did your baby dress as for his or her first Halloween?

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