Newborn Gear To Craft or To Purchase: 22 Totally Adorable Crocheted Animal Sets

Who doesn’t covet the newborn diaper and hat sets? Amongst my favourite are those of the animal kind. There’s something about a fresh, wrinkled, sleeping little baby, dressed in warm, knitted, animal themed gear. I can could barely contain myself (I know, total geek) in creating this round-up for you to enjoy.

You’ll find a mix of tutorials, patterns and ready to purchase little wild things in this collection, finished up with the best kind of geekling you ever did see. He may be the loner of the pack amongst his wild friends, but that’s par the course in the land of geekdom. These can be used as photo props, little costumes, Christmas outfits around the home, or just because! The newborn stage is so fleeting, you might as well revel in all of the cute possibilities.

  • All of the little ones, all of them gone wild...

    All of the little ones, all of them gone wild...

    Click through for a marvelous selection of crocheted hat and diaper cover sets. There are patterns and tutorials for those who are crafty and ready to purchase sets for all the rest! Don’t let these little critters get away from you.

  • The Wily Pooh Bear

    The Wily Pooh Bear

    Always up to mischief, usually revolving a honey pot. *Tsk*Tsk*

    Find the complete set here

  • Wee Mousey Mouse (Pattern)

    Wee Mousey Mouse (Pattern)

    Only a baby could make rodents cute.

    Find the pattern here

  • Puppy & Mermaid

    Puppy & Mermaid

    With a wag and flip of their tails, they will have you enchanted, immediately. Or, you know, sleep peacefully at all times other than the night-time. As they do.

    Find the puppy set here
    Find the mermaid set here

  • Sly Fox (Pattern)

    Sly Fox (Pattern)

    Don’t be fooled by all of this cute. You’ve got to watch this one.

    Get the pattern here

  • Mickey & Minnie Mouse

    Mickey & Minnie Mouse

    Making mouses popular since 1928.

    Find the Mickey set here
    Find the Minnie set here

  • Sleepy Owl (Pattern)

    Sleepy Owl (Pattern)

    Nope, I won’t stop it with the all of the darling. It’s my job to make your decision making process difficult.

    Get the hat and nest pattern here

  • The Best Kind of Bear

    The Best Kind of Bear

    Winnie the Pooh may be a fictional character (debatable) but he’s still a bear. Therefore a wild thing indeed, however tame.

    Get it on sale right now!

  • Froggie...(Pattern)


    As my toddler calls all frogs, with much love and adoration. He loves him some froggies. As we can all see clearly why.

    Find the pattern here

  • Monster


    Maybe not a animal, technically. But I’m in fantasy land half the time anyways. Couldn’t leave this little Cookie Monster out of the bunch. Animal (of the Muppets, yes) – made me do it, that dude is coercive.

    Find it here

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Pattern)

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Pattern)

    You just died, I know. These things can’t be helped.

    Find the pattern here

  • Chickadee


    You won’t get eggs from this little one, but ahm…well, you know. They DO lay things. Sorry. No more potty humour.

    Find the set here

  • The Sweetest Minnie Mouse

    The Sweetest Minnie Mouse

    Minnie Mouse is one of my favourite Disney characters, which you will surely be able to surmise by the end of the collection. Options in life and in fashion are always good, I say.

    Find the set here

  • That Mickey Mouse, He's a Versatile Dude

    That Mickey Mouse, He's a Versatile Dude

    Although this is a roundup for newborns, I couldn’t very well leave out the fact that you can indeed, custom order in toddler sizes. Whether or not you will then take them to Disneyland is up to you.

    Find the set here

  • Fox in the Forest (Pattern)

    Fox in the Forest (Pattern)

    Your little one will look darling all cuddled up in this cape and cap set. So soft, so comfy.

    Find the pattern here

  • Gentle Dragon

    Gentle Dragon

    Puff’s offspring, I have on very good authority.

    Find the hat here

  • Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

    Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

    Rudolph may have been dubbed a misfit, but I’m pretty sure he’s uber famous, so.

    Find it here

  • The Darlingest Owl

    The Darlingest Owl

    So I have my owl lingo. It’s befitting. This is such a perfect hat that your nube really can wear anytime. Especially with the cold weather upon us.

    Find it here

  • Betrothed.


    Clearly these two are in for it. No complaints yet.

    Get it on sale now!

  • Smallest Bunny

    Smallest Bunny

    I’m not sure who has more fun. Me, in curating this round-up, the crafty ones creating these outfits, or the parents who purchase them. Heirloom worthy.

    Find the set here

  • Bunnies Mean Business (Pattern)

    Bunnies Mean Business (Pattern)

    Not so much attack of the killer bunnies, just don’t mess. Stink face supreme.

    Find the pattern here

  • Little Stinker

    Little Stinker

    If it weren’t for their stink…skunks would be one of the sweetest critters around. Talk about a tough break. Good looking and smelly. Not this one though. Well, for the most part.

    Find the cape and cap set here

  • Legit (Pattern)

    Legit (Pattern)

    He may not be an animal, and perhaps a wee bit older than a newborn, but you sure are glad I included this one to finish things off – aren’t you?!

    Find the pattern here

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