A Special Dress

One of the wonderful things about having a second girl is that the boxes of hand-me-down clothing are prodigious. It’s been really fun to pull out things and say to Ella, “I remember when YOU wore this!” or to compare at what ages each girl fit into certain outfits.

But there was one little outfit that I was particularly excited to reuse. In our family’s church, babies are blessed by their fathers sometime in the months after their birth. Most of the time, they wear a white outfit of some kind.

When Ani was blessed earlier this month, she wore a beautiful and simple white dress. It was the dress Ella had worn for her blessing in September of 2010. And it was the dress I was blessed in over 27 years ago. Both of my younger sisters wore it.

Not only is it a dress that now multiple generations of girls in my family have worn, but it was also handmade by my grandmother, making it even more special.

Because both Ella and I wore it around three months of age, I was worried that my five month (and chunky!) Ani wouldn’t fit into it but happily it still worked (although the bonnet was just too small to make happen).

  • Daddy and Baby

    Daddy and Baby

    She napped for several hours right before this, so she was looking particularly sweet and rosy-cheeked.

  • Baby and Granddad

    Baby and Granddad

    One thing that made this day even more special was that it was the first time my dad got to meet Ani.

  • Baby and Grancie

    Baby and Grancie

    Sharing a few snuggles with my mom, Grancie.

  • Great-Grandmother


    Ani spends a few minutes with MY grandmother, who made this dress back in 1985 for me.

  • Our Little Family

    Our Little Family

    The reason Ani is looking down is because I took out her pacifier for this photo. She can’t figure out why it’s in my hand and not in her mouth!

Do you have baby clothing that’s been passed down for more than one generation?


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