7 Sweet Pairs of Pajamas To Snuggle Your Baby In

I love dressing up my little girl. Perhaps it stems from the fact that I am a wardrobe stylist, but putting together Fern’s outfits is something I have a lot of fun doing.  I generally favor clothes that are sweet but simple and Fern’s closet is filled with stripes, solids, polka dots and delicate floral prints and nothing with characters, sayings or a lot of frills. I usually dress her in clothes that I would want to wear myself, but I do branch out when it comes to sleepwear. I’ve actually become a bit of a sucker for cute pajamas with prints and patterns. and was pleased to find that Disney has quite a few that I liked. Because, even though I love dressing her up, I often think Fern looks the best when she’s cozied up in cute, snuggly pajamas.

  • Monsters Inc.

    Monsters Inc. "Characters" Sleep and Play

    I know that the description on this says that it’s a “boy’s” sleeper, but I don’t even care – I adore all things monsters on little ones! My baby girl already has a pair of “boys” monster pajamas and the swaddle blankets I wrapped her in for the first five months of her life were in a “boys” monster print as well. I say monsters are for everyone and not just gender specific! 
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  • Winnie the Pooh

    Winnie the Pooh "Flowers" Sleep and Play

    I love the pretty calm colors of this. The design is feminine, but not overly frilly and I love that it isn’t in an expected shade of pink. 
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  • 101 Dalmations

    101 Dalmations "Here Comes Trouble" Sleep and Play

    Your baby will enjoy the black and white contrast on these pajamas and you’ll enjoy their cute simplicity. The pop of lime green is a fun added touch. 
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  • Winnie the Pooh

    Winnie the Pooh "On Wheels" Sleep and Play

    Bright (yet not obnoxiously so), fun graphics give this sleeper a cute bit of playfulness.
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  • Finding Nemo

    Finding Nemo "Big Adventure" Sleep and Play

    Yes, these pajamas are blue, but the simple shark print is fantastic and they would be equally cute on boy or a girl. 
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  • Winnie the Pooh

    Winnie the Pooh "C'est Si Belle" Sleep and Play

    This combination of coral and grey along with it’s whimsical tree print is sweet and unexpected.
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