7 Style Tips For Your Little Ones

I don’t often share a lot about style and fashion here, but in case you didn’t know, aside from writing here at Disney Baby and Babble, I also moonlight as a freelance wardrobe stylist. I mostly style grown-ups, but ever since I had a little girl of my own, I have found a passion for styling little ones and if you follow my Instagram feed you’ll know that I love playing dress-up with my daughter Fern. As such, I thought I’d share a a few styling tips with you to help you spice up your little one’s ensembles. Click through to see my tips!

  • 7 Style Tips For Your Little Ones

    7 Style Tips For Your Little Ones

    Getting your little dressed in the morning doesn’t have to be a chore – it can actually be a lot of fun – and you don’t have to spend a ton to dress your little one in adorable outfits. Shop their own closet and you’ll be surprised what you can come up with. Click through to see more tips to help you style your little lady or gent!

  • Think outside the box

    Think outside the box

    One of the best tips I have for baby style is to think outside the box. Look at the items in your baby’s closet and think – “How else can my baby wear this?”. For example the striped shirt in this photo is actually a dress that I tucked into her jeans and then added a tank top over. It’s a much more unique look, but didn’t require a ton more effort. Get creative with dressing your child!

  • Accessorize


    I realize that accessories aren’t always appropriate, but you can easily change up the entire look of an outfit with something simple like a baby-friendly scarf or a hat. Don’t underestimate it!

  • Mix patterns

    Mix patterns

    I love pattern mixing in general, but especially on little ones. If you’re new to the idea of pattern mixing, stick to a simple color palette like I did here (blue) and play with pattern scales (i.e. larger buffalo plaid with smaller stripes).

  • Layer it up

    Layer it up

    It happens often that an item in your little one’s wardrobe isn’t quite the right proportion for their body – babies all have very unique builds. But don’t fret – layering can provide a quick fix. Too short sleeves or too short dress? Just add another layer underneath like I did here by adding a longer dress underneath the top layer. It also adds more visual interest.

  • Don't limit yourself

    Don't limit yourself

    This is my most shared secret for styling littles: shop other departments. This headband is totally from the adult section, but I just manipulated it to fit my daughter’s smaller head. I also often shop in the boy’s section for her. You’ll be far less likely to have a little one who looks like an outfit clone if you shop the other departments and pair things in unexpected ways (think a simple striped boy’s cardigan paired with a floral top for a girl).

  • Simple tweaks

    Simple tweaks

    Even the smallest tweaks can make a big difference in the appearance of an outfit. If I were to just throw this outfit on, I’d probably just pair the sweatshirt on its own with the jeans as is. But, adding a cute button-up shirt underneath the sweatshirt along with folding the ill-fitting jeans up to have more of a “boyfriend jean” look, instantly makes the outfit more special with minimal effort.

  • Make it work

    Make it work

    Like I mentioned earlier, baby bodies are all so different which means that sometimes you’ll love something on the hanger, but it just won’t work on your baby. Don’t give up though! If a dress is too boxy or baggy? Simply add a little belt! If a t-shirt is too large and hangs funny? Add a smaller cardigan over the top to frame the outfit. You can make most things work if you give it a try!


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