7 Baby Bedtime Essentials

Before you become a parent you don’t quite realize what the “essentials” are. There are so many baby items out there it can be hard to narrow it down, and when it comes to bedtime routines, it can be a process of trial and error to figure out what works and what you need. Because of this, I thought it might be helpful to share a list of some items that just might be helpful for your little one and their bedtime routine!

  • 7 Baby Bedtime Essentials

    7 Baby Bedtime Essentials

    Sometimes bedtime can be a challenge with a baby, but here are 7 things that just might make the transition from day to night a little easier on everyone.

  • Adorable Pajamas

    Adorable Pajamas

    So, pajamas with cute little monsters on them aren’t technically a bedtime “essential”, but their cozy cuteness certainly couldn’t hurt in promoting a good night’s sleep for your little one. These are my favorite pajamas in the Disney bunch!

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  • A Little Bit of Lavender

    A Little Bit of Lavender

    Add this calming lavender oil to your baby’s bath or use to give Baby a gentle massage before bed to help calm and prepare them for a night of rest.

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  • Overnight Diapers

    Overnight Diapers

    These Huggies overnight diapers have saved my sleep and my sanity. My baby was waking up in the middle of the night (EVERY night), with a soaking wet diaper, sheets, pajamas, the works. I tried to cut back some fluids before bed and getting her up preemptively for a diaper change, but she somehow always leaked through every brand of diapers at night. Enter these overnight diapers and we are both much happier (and drier!) campers, rested up with a full night of sleep. These are seriously a must-have.

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  • A Comfy Crib Sheet

    A Comfy Crib Sheet

    Pretty comfy sheets are a must for baby bedtime and these Winnie the Pooh sheets are a great neutral that would be perfect in many nurseries.

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  • Baby

    Baby "Lovie" Security Blanket

    Once your baby is old enough, having a lovie to sleep with at bedtime can help with a bedtime routine. My baby has this lovie in pink and it’s soft and silky and can provide familiar comfort in the middle of the night.

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  • Swaddle Blanket

    Swaddle Blanket

    Since my baby became mobile, she is no longer swaddled, but during the first few months of her life swaddle blankets were a godsend – an absolute essential for bedtime. I love this one from SwaddleDesigns with its simple, neutral design.

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What are your “baby bedtime essentials”?

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