5 Adorable Muppets Items To Add To Baby’s Wish List

There’s nothing more nostalgic than sharing a bit of your childhood with your own kids.  One of my most remembered, and loved shows, growing up as a kid was most definitely The Muppets.  My favorite character was Animal, while my best friend’s favorite was Miss Piggy.  I even remember the Miss Piggy doll she had, and how she would bring it along with her to sleepovers every time.  Disney Baby has done it again, bringing back a classic and making it relevant and cool to share with the next generation.  Here are my picks for Muppets gear of today, that I can’t wait to put on my little one!

  • Party Animal

    This shirt would be perfect for my little guy since he loves to pull all-nighters and party with Mommy! I love the bold graphic and the bright pop of yellow, this is the perfect fun Summer shirt for my little guy.

    Shop the Muppets Collection at the Disney Store

  • Summer Chillin'

    This tee cracks me up, with super cool and casual Kermit hanging poolside! I love the retro color scheme and stripe detail, as well as the banded neckline. This looks just like a classic vintage tee and would be a fun Summer staple for my little guy, as we hang poolside.

    Shop the Kermit Tee For Baby

  • Born To Be A Star

    Oh my, Kermit is giving Miss Piggy a run for her money in this super styling bodysuit for baby. We often think of Miss Piggy as the leading lady, but Kermit in his shades proves that he’s as destined for Hollywood as our favorite blonde pig. Made of super soft and cuddly cotton, this bodysuit features the grow an inch snaps we all love so much.

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  • Miss Piggy In Pink

    If Miss Piggy said it, then it must be true; Pink IS the New Black! I love this adorable striped bodysuit, with delicate and sweet ruffle details. It will keep your little leading lady cool and cute all Summer long.

    Shop The Muppets Collection At The Disney Store

  • Rock Out For Bed

    Make bedtime a bit more loud and wild with this cute Animal footed 2 piece PJ set. Featuring a very cool lightning bolt motif, the text reads “Hyper In Diapers”. Now on sale too!

    Shop The Muppets Collection At The Disney Store

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