5 Disney Baby Boy Items That Would Look Adorable on My Baby Girl

There are lots of things to love about raising girls, and I’ll admit that one of my favorite things is dressing my little ladies. I don’t shy away from ruffles, sparkle, and flounce, but sometimes it’s nice to have some basics to tone down what could become Rufflefest 2013. Often, some of my favorite pieces for my girls come from the boys’ department. I love mixing and matching to make my girlie girls’ outfits just right. Here are my five favorite Disney Baby boy items that would easily fit in my baby girl’s wardrobe.

  • Stripey Holiday Sleep and Play

    Stripey Holiday Sleep and Play

    I love stripes on my baby, and while I realize Christmas is over, this is exactly the kind of thing I would have bought for Elvie to wear Christmas Eve if she could wear clothes off the rack. It’s super cute, and, with apologies to Minnie, I would choose Mickey first any day of the week.

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  • Navy Knit Hooded Jacket

    Navy Knit Hooded Jacket

    I mentioned in my last post that I have ordered this, and I love it. Navy is such a great neutral, and it looks fantastic with many shades of pink, which we do have plenty of in Elvie’s wardrobe. While I love the little ruffles on the girl version of this jacket, the clean lines look great when we’ve got a lot of other ruffle going on in an outfit. I like this so much, I’m thinking of getting one in brown as well.

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  • Winnie the Pooh Outfit

    Winnie the Pooh Outfit

    The yellow top and brown pants would go with so many other things we own, and we could always use another bib. This would also be a great spare outfit in our diaper bag.

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  • Pull On Pants in Yellow and Green

    Pull On Pants in Yellow and Green

    These pants just look so comfy, and while I’d love to have them in the girl colors as well, this set of yellow and green would be a solid addition to our knit pant collection. When blowouts occur, having an ample supply of pants waiting in the wings is a must. The other boy color sets are also fantastic; I’ve got my eye on the brown and orange in particular.

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  • Monsters, Inc. Sleep and Play

    Monsters, Inc. Sleep and Play

    I’ve saved my favorite item for last. I have a serious baby pajama addiction, and these are so fantastic. I love the movie Monsters, Inc., and the colors on this are so cute! There’s even a little bit of pink in there! If I didn’t already have about ten sets of baby pajamas waiting for Elvie’s post surgery needs, I would be ordering these right now.

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