15 Hilarious Pacifiers for Instant Halloween Fun

While researching ideas for our son’s first Halloween (what should he beeeeeee?) I stumbled upon a treasure trove of hilarity. Did you know they make all these funny pacifiers for babies? I didn’t. And if you didn’t either, prepare to be entertained! Click through for 15 HILARIOUS pacifiers that will make for instant Halloween fun (and ridiculously funny photos!)…

  • Hilarious Halloween Pacifiers

    Hilarious Halloween Pacifiers

    I rounded up the internet’s most hilarious novelty pacifiers for your baby’s first Halloween. Click through to see the funniest and the freakiest.
    Lil’ Shaver Mustache Pacifier

  • Lil Vampire

    Lil Vampire

    I am pretty sure I’m going to get this for our son. Because I think it’s hilarious. Also, because I still don’t know what he should be for Halloween and a vampire is a pretty good option. ;)
    Think Geek

  • Oink Oink, Little Piglet

    Oink Oink, Little Piglet

    How funny is this little pig snout? I’m not going to lie, this would be hilarious year round.

  • Gimmie A Kiss

    Gimmie A Kiss

    This pacifier with hand painted kissy lips cracks me up. Kind of puts a new meaning to the old expression “…put my lips on”.
    Piquant Designs

  • Mini Man Mustache

    Mini Man Mustache

    I know mustaches are super trendy right now but even still, I adore this. Little babies with grown up mustaches is always going to be funny, trend or no trend.
    Baby Hipsters

  • What's Up Doc?

    What's Up Doc?

    I love this hand-painted bunny nose pacifier. Tape a cotton ball on their little bum and you’ll have a little rabbit all ready for Halloween.
    Piquant Designs

  • Batstache!


    Batman and a mustache combined? Perfection. For you trendy comic lovers out there, I’ve found the perfect piece!
    Baby Hipsters

  • Big Tooth Baby

    Big Tooth Baby

    Since babies don’t generally have teeth (or big ones if they do) anything with huge teeth on it for babies cracks me up. It’s just hilarious. These buck teeth hand-painted on a blue pacifier are so funny.
    Piquant Designs

  • Well Hello There Cowboy

    Well Hello There Cowboy

    In case you love the mustache look but want something a bit more substantial, here is a plastic one. Perfect for the little cowboys out there!
    Wee Hilarity

  • The Famous Billy Bob

    The Famous Billy Bob

    Have you ever seen those famous “Billy Bob Teeth” that people wear? Well here’s the baby version. You’re welcome.
    Mommy’s Online

  • Glow, Baby, Glow

    Glow, Baby, Glow

    To light your way (well, you know, metaphorically) this glow-in-the-dark skull paci is PERFECT for a night out with big brother or sister on the trick or treat trail.

  • Monster Mania!

    Monster Mania!

    Ok, this one is a bit scary but it’s perfect for the little monsters out there. Dragon? Dinosaur? Alligator? What do you think?
    Baby Haven

  • Lil' Punkin'

    Lil' Punkin'

    A simple, classic, Halloween staple: The pumpkin. For your little pumpkin.
    Baby Haven

  • Bling Bling Baby

    Bling Bling Baby

    In case a mouth full of funny teeth isn’t enough, I present to you a mouth full of funny teeth covered in bling. For your baby’s grill… naturally.
    Billy Bob Products

  • Big Toothed Baby

    Big Toothed Baby

    I wish I had a photo of a baby with this one in their mouth because it’s pretty much the funniest thing you’ll see all day.
    Billy Bob Products


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