10 DIY Keepsakes from Baby’s Clothes

I didn’t quite realize how hard it would be to have to part with my baby’s clothes, and he’s the third! When the drawers were finally overflowing, I told myself I would take a day to go through everything. After a good hour of my eyes welling up with each pair of footie pajamas, I came to the conclusion that some of these just had to be saved.

  • T-Shirt Stocking

    T-Shirt Stocking

    Start collecting your favorite onesies now because at Christmas time you can make a Patchwork Baby T-Shirt Stocking like this one from Prudent Baby.

  • Baby Activity Book

    Baby Activity Book

    Sew up a fabric book using baby clothes with fasteners to make this Baby Clothes Activity Book by Forty Two Roads. Add in little poems about the fasteners on each page to sing to Baby.

  • Family Tree Pillow

    Family Tree Pillow

    Cluck Cluck Sew came up with this adorable Scrap Buster Pillow tutorial. Simply cut out the baby clothes into leaf shapes and create your family tree pillow.

  • Memory Quilt

    Memory Quilt

    Follow Craftastical’s detailed tutorial to learn how to use all those precious baby clothes and turn them into a memorable Baby Clothes Quilt.

  • Baby Bouquet

    Baby Bouquet

    Hello Bee came up with this adorable way to roll up baby clothes into a Baby Clothes Bouquet. This is a great way to display those memorable keepsakes or to give to a new mama at her baby shower.

  • Baby Heart Shadow Box

    Baby Heart Shadow Box

    Save small scraps of Baby’s clothes and use them to cover buttons. Place the buttons in a heart shape inside a frame or shadow box to make this Button Heart Keespake by Indulgy.

  • Heirloom Eggs

    Heirloom Eggs

    These Baby Clothes Egg Ornaments by Nurture Store are perfect gifts to give to the grandparents and family members for Easter, Christmas or just because.

  • Keepsake Toy

    Keepsake Toy

    Turn Baby’s clothes into a cuddly Keepsake Softie Flip Toy. This tutorial will walk you through each step of the process with pattern included.

  • Birthday Wreath

    Birthday Wreath

    The Art of Homemaking has used scrap fabrics to make a fun and colorful wreath. Follow the same tutorial but use baby clothes instead to make a Baby Clothes Birthday Wreath you can bring out on every birthday.

  • Canvas Wall Art

    Canvas Wall Art

    Put your art skills to the test with Chasing Cotton’s Canvas Wall Art tutorial. Cut up Baby’s clothes into pretty shapes and paste them to a canvas to make a beautiful piece of art you can keep up always.

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