The Adorable & The Last Minute. 10 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes For Baby!

A few days ago I shared 17 Amazing Disney Costumes (For Babies of course), all inspired by Disney. With a mix of DIY projects and handmade ready to buy selections; I left out one very important style of Hallowe’en costume that you can make at home.

The easy and the cheap.

If you’re into that sort of thing, right along over-the-top cuteness – check out the collection after the jump!

  • Simple and adorable...

    Simple and adorable...

    Click through to see the rest of my most favourite, easy DIY costume projects for baby!

  • Princess Leia

    Princess Leia

    Huge Star Wars fan over here. As so many are. This mam’s DIY is so easy and cheap, the finished product clearly winning in the unique and ridiculously adorable departments.

    Find out more at: Craftster

  • Baby Octopus

    Baby Octopus

    Oy. What the what. Children’s tights, stuffing and a couple of other genius materials make-up this hilariously cute costume.

    Get the full tutorial via Better Homes & Gardens

  • Peacock Baby

    Peacock Baby

    There are so many ways this sweet little number could be played out. You definitely don’t have to use the exact same coloured tights and bodysuit as the following tutorial details. Use your imagination or what’s already in your drawers!

    Find out how via Creatively Christy

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    Little Miss Sunshine

    I think this is my favourite one, although it’s so very hard to choose.

    Get the ‘real simple’ tutorial via…you guessed it…Real Simple

  • Dragon Baby

    Dragon Baby

    Instead of breathing fire and eating people, this one drools saliva and eats bananas. All you need for this one are some sponges, a bodysuit, cap and a glue gun.

    Find out how by visiting Masterworks

  • Baby Aerobics Instructor

    Baby Aerobics Instructor

    Nope, I’m sorry. I will not stop. Babies don’t need an excuse to be cute, they just are. Put them in a get-up like this and it’s all over. Things just got serious. Seriously munch-able!

    Get the instructions from Homemade By Jill

  • The Burrito-ness

    The Burrito-ness

    Hands down the best newborn costume idea I’ve seen in a while. So easy.

    Find out how a washcloth, some rafia and a towel pulls this look together over on Celebrate Green

  • Sushi Anyone?

    Sushi Anyone?

    I’ll take a few nibbles on that thankyouverymuch.

    Get the easy, step-by-step instructions from Parents

  • Flower-wearing Bumblebee

    Flower-wearing Bumblebee

    A clever idea for baby-wearing mamas!

    Find out how to do this simple project at Masterworks

  • Mummy Munchkin

    Mummy Munchkin

    Excuse this little guy’s cuteness. It’s purely organic. His mummy, however is totally responsible for the rest.

    Get the instructions via Eighteen 25

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