10 DIY Baby Headbands

Just because babies can’t dress themselves doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be accessorized — headbands are the quintessential accessory for baby girls. Cute headbands can be found in boutiques and online, but they often come with a big price tag. Luckily there are a ton of DIY options out there. Many are no-sew and easy enough for the novice crafter to take on. So don’t be intimidated if you’re not naturally inclined toward craftiness – there’s a headband DIY project out there for YOU!

  • Upcycled Baby Headband

    Upcycled Baby Headband

    I love DIY projects that reuse items you already have and this headband project does exactly that.

    Find DIY instructions at Alisa Burke’s Redefine Creativity

  • Wool Felt Baby Hair Accessories

    Wool Felt Baby Hair Accessories

    These little felt headbands will add a fun pop of color to any baby outfit!

    Find DIY instructions at Make It and Love It

  • Retro Baby Turban

    Retro Baby Turban

    A turban on a baby? I’m pretty sure this is just about the cutest thing ever.

    Find DIY instructions at Sewing In No Man’s Land

  • DIY Nautical Headband

    DIY Nautical Headband

    Bright colored rope can add a fun bit of color and texture to Baby’s wardrobe. Who says babies can’t accessorize?

    Find DIY instructions at Presser Foot

  • DIY Jersey Baby Headband

    DIY Jersey Baby Headband

    This headband seems like a simple enough project for the novice sewer and doesn’t require a sewing machine! Made out of soft jersey, it will be comfy cozy on your little one’s head.

    Find DIY instructions at Kelli Murray’s All Things Inspiring

  • 30-Second DIY Baby Headband

    30-Second DIY Baby Headband

    This headband literally takes 30 seconds to make, requires no sewing and is just about as easy as it gets – trust me, this tutorial is my own!

    Find DIY instructions at Lauren Hartmann at Babble

  • Sweet & Skinny Ruffled Headband

    Sweet & Skinny Ruffled Headband

    Sometimes floral headbands can be a bit overwhelming for tiny baby heads, but this one combines the floral trend in a more delicate way which I like.

    Find DIY instructions at Flamingo Toes

  • Simple Baby Headband

    Simple Baby Headband

    I love the simplicity of this headband and the fact that it has a bow, but that the bow isn’t gigantic. Perfect and understated so Baby’s cute face can take center stage.

    Find DIY instructions at Recipes and Crafts, Oh My!

  • Braided T-Shirt Baby Headband

    Braided T-Shirt Baby Headband

    This is a headband I whipped up for my baby and it couldn’t have been easier. No sewing and made from an old t-shirt I already had hanging in my closet!

    Find DIY instructions at The Little Things We Do

  • Ridiculously Easy No Sew Baby Headband DIY

    Ridiculously Easy No Sew Baby Headband DIY

    A headband that requires no sewing speaks my language and I can just imagine making this in a rainbow of colors.

    Find DIY instructions at Amber May Be…


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