The Green Smoothie My Toddler Can’t Get Enough Of


With every pregnancy, unfortunately, I’m quite anemic. I know eating lots of dark leafy greens is a great way to add iron to my diet.Custom Green Smoothie Recipe

So for the past few weeks, I’ve increased the number of green smoothies I’ve been drinking. They allow me to get in my greens without losing a lot of time creating a big and fussy meal.

The best part is, because Z is always by my side in the kitchen, she’s discovered that she’s a huge fan of green smoothies as well!

She loves picking out her favorite fruit, putting it into the blender and pressing the button. I love that she’s getting a ton of healthy vitamins and nutrients, and she loves the taste!

I love how simple and basic the recipe is.

Just blend 2 cups liquid, 2 cups leafy greens, and 3 cups fruit.

It’s foolproof! And don’t ever worry about adding too much fruit or too little liquid. It’s completely customizable, so you can create a new taste every day and never get bored.

With so many options, you’re bound to find a combinations that works for your toddler’s tastes.

And whatever we don’t finish in the morning can be stored in the fridge and enjoyed later on during lunch.

Does your toddler love green smoothies? What do you put in your smoothies?

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