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Spring has truly arrived, and the April showers have brought plenty of May flowers.  The emergence of the sun and warm weather isn’t the only reason we have to celebrate though!  This week my son turned 6 years old, and so in honor of my May baby, who is no longer a baby really, I thought I’d share some fun facts about babies born in May.  From fellow famous May babies, to birth month flowers, here’s some pretty interesting and cool facts about those born in May.

  • Happy Birthday To My May Baby!

    Happy Birthday To My May Baby!

    Click through for 12 interesting facts about babies born in May. For those of you expecting a baby this month, or with a May baby of your own, you’ll find the facts, and parental advice for May babies, especially interesting.

  • The Taurus Baby

    The Taurus Baby

    May, as with all months, shares 2 zodiac signs, the first one being Taurus. Those born between April 21st and May 21st are considered the sign of the Taurus, and are known for loving the security of routine and being good with their hands. They can also be passionate, creative, cooperative and sociable in nature. This describes my Taurus baby almost to a T.

  • Advice For Taurus Parents

    Advice For Taurus Parents

    Parents of Taurus babies are encouraged to teach their children to sometimes try doing things a different way, or someone else’s way. Because they love routine, they may get stuck in a repetitive rut, feeling more comfortable to do the same thing the same way, but learning something new could lead to a wider array of experiences and learning opportunities.

  • The Gemini Baby of May

    The Gemini Baby of May

    Babies born between May 22nd-June 21st are considered Geminis. Known for being great communicators, Geminis love to flit from activity to activity, trying as many different things as possible. Almost sounds like the exact opposite of the Taurus doesn’t it? Character traits often used to describe the Gemini include talkative, clever, witty, and expressive.

  • Advice for the Gemini Parent

    Advice for the Gemini Parent

    Try encouraging your Gemini baby to master a skill or subject before moving onto the next thing. And try guiding them to follow through with commitments and activities before deeming them boring. This can help from the time they start trying to sort blocks all the way up to sports in and homework when they reach grade school.

  • The Year Of The Snake

    The Year Of The Snake

    Your 2013 May baby will be born in the year of the snake. According to the Chinese Zodiac, those born in the year of the snake are considered thoughtful and wise, and approach problems logically and rationally. They are also thought to have a sure touch with money, and are determined and ambitious.

  • Emerald - the Birthstone Of May

    Emerald - the Birthstone Of May

    Known for its brilliant and vibrant green coloring, the emerald was originally mined in Egypt and means rebirth. Today, most emeralds are mined in Colombia, Brazil and Zambia, and the stone is believed to grant the owner good fortune and youth.

  • The Flower Of May

    The Flower Of May

    Lily of the Valley is the official birth flower of May, and is known for its tiny white, delicate flowers, often used in bridal bouquets. The flower means humility, and in the Victorian-era tradition of the language of flowers, it is supposed to send a message from giver to receiver that “You’ve made my life complete.”

  • Fellow May Babies - Famous People's Edition

    Fellow May Babies - Famous People's Edition

    Your May baby shares their birth month with quite a few famous celebrities, including George Clooney, Billy Joel, Melissa Gilbert and Olympian Missy Franklin. Also on the list, funny lady Tina Fey and singer/songwriter Jewel.

  • May Holidays

    May Holidays

    May kicks off the month with May Day, the equivalent of Labor Day here in the US for other countries. Cinco De Mayo is a fun and festive celebration which is often observed more in the US than in Mexico itself. Mother’s Day occurs on the second Sunday of the month, and Memorial Day is seen as the start of Summer here in America.

  • Names Inspired By May

    Names Inspired By May

    Maya, Maia, and simply May, are all lovely baby names for babies born in May. Or take a less literal approach and pick a name inspired by Spring itself. Lily, after the month’s birth flower is a great choice, as well as Daisy, Lilac and Violet. For boys, how about Leif or River?

  • Historical Moments In May

    After doing an exhaustive internet search, I discovered that there were just way too many historical events which occurred in May to list out here. The History Place has an exhaustive list in chronological order, of historical events that happened in the month of May over the course of many years.

    View Historical Events In May

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