You Will Always Have Your Sisters

I wasn’t sure if you were a boy or a girl, as I chose not to find out and leave it a surprise. It didn’t matter — I just wanted another baby to love and hold and cuddle and squeeze and… This is giving me baby fever. I digress. I knew you were going to be in good hands. Of course your father and I would be there for you for everything, but there was another duo waiting for you as well. Your older sisters, Jenin and Maysoon. You had much to learn from each of them, and I knew they would surely teach you their ways.

You Will Always Have Your Sisters

You see, I grew up with three sisters. Two older, one younger. Though we were all raised in the same house by the same parents, each one of us came out differently and had something special to share with our family. Your sisters are the same way.  Jenin is there to teach you to be strong and how to test your limits! One day you’ll do great things once you realize anything is possible. Maysoon brings a certain sweetness to the house, unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before. From her you will learn that compassion and kindness are traits to hold on to and pass on. It will touch many people’s hearts.

Growing up, my sisters have always been there for me, each one at different times. I am not worried about you three girls. You will have your arguments and your trials, but at the end of the day, you’re all still sisters. Nothing can tear you apart and nothing ever should. As the little sister, you will forever be classified as the “annoying one.” Take it with a grain of salt. Your sisters adore you.

Be there for each other. Be honest with each other. Share with each other. Look our for each other. When your parents are gone, you will still have your sisters.

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