You Might Be a Parent If. . .

Sometimes, when I’m out in public without my children, I wonder if people can tell I’m a mom.

Either way, I know I’m a parent and here are ten things that give me away:

You Might be a Parent If

  1. You always have tiny dusty footprints on the front of your jeans from carrying a small child.
  2. Your “light” purse weighs about 20 pounds.
  3. You can open a stroller with a diaper bag over your shoulder and a baby in your arm in ten seconds flat.
  4. You can’t wait for your kids to go to bed. . .and then you spend 20 minutes looking at photos of them.
  5. You have extra diapers stashed in the car, the kitchen, your in-laws house, and every bathroom.
  6. You know baby wipes can basically be used to clean anything, from a runny nose to the dashboard of your car.
  7. You realize after ten minutes of singing along to a kid’s CD that there are no kids in the car with you.
  8. Pretty much no diaper fazes you. You’ve got it under control.
  9. All that talk about differences between baby cries? You know it’s true.
  10. Any night where you don’t get woken up is the best. night. ever.
How do you know you’re a parent? 
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