You Might Be a Little Sister If. . .

I’m the oldest child in my family (with two younger sisters, plus two brothers), so I have no experience being a little sister.

So it’s a fun new thing for me to watch my children interact and see my younger daughter experience life as a little sister.

10 Ways to Know You're a Little Sister

Here’s are 10 ways you might know that you’re a little sister:

  1. You get hugged way more than you want by enthusiastic (but not necessarily gentle) older siblings.
  2. 90% of your wardrobe is hand-me-downs.
  3. You learn to run early to keep up with the big kids.
  4. You’ve read as many picture books as board books (maybe more!)
  5. You have no concept of “alone time.”
  6. All your babbling is interpreted by a “helpful” older sister (were you really saying, “I just want to go to the park!”?)
  7. You think you’re about two years older than you really are.
  8. You’ve eaten food off the floor where it’s been spilled by older – but not less messy – siblings. More than once.
  9. Your parents are a little more laid-back than they were when your older sibling was your age.
  10. You’re used to your toys being stolen and being accidentally knocked over.
and, of course, you think your older sibling is the most fascinating person on earth. At least while you’re little.
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