Yet ANOTHER Reason to Book a Disney Cruise

I’ve been somewhat of a Disney Cruise spokesperson since stepping off the Disney Magic in December — explaining to parents, especially parents with babies and toddlers, why a Disney cruise is the perfect compromise vacation.

You get the entire Disney experience without the long lines, extensive walking, and overwhelming itinerary — most of which babies/toddlers have no patience for. All of the magic is brought to you — characters, Broadway-style shows, Disney activities — and it’s really the one way that the entire family, from babies to grandparents, can have the kind of vacation they want. The kids’ clubs and baby nursery will keep the little ones occupied and entertained, while the spa and hot tubs and adults-only restaurants give grown-ups a relaxing break.

I can’t possibly sing its praises more loudly! DISNEY CRUISE, FTW!


Except maybe now that I see the complete transformation that the Disney Magic cruise is undergoing. If you’re contemplating a Disney cruise, now is the perfect time. Because coming from someone who recently sailed this ship, these renovations have me itching to go back. And yes, even with a baby.

  • The Disney Magic: Reimagined

    The Disney Magic: Reimagined

    My beautiful cruise ship is undergoing a massive transformation, making it more align with the Disney Dream and Fantasy boats. And, oh man, it looks amazing…

  • New Kids' Spaces

    New Kids' Spaces

    All of the kids’ play spaces are being completely overhauled — including the baby nursery. How awesome is that Andy’s Room??

  • New Pool Area!

    New Pool Area!

    One of the most anticipated makeover features is the new outdoor pool area featuring an AquaDunk waterslide (especially cool for any older kids you might have). But even for the babies, the Disney Magic will have a brand new kiddie section for toddlers and infants to safely splash and play.

  • New Look

    New Look

    The entire decor of the ship will change as well — with the new Disney Magic being brighter, more open, and a little more modern.

  • New Dining Experiences

    New Dining Experiences

    The Imagineers are also adding updated technology and a more modern design aesthetic to The Artist’s Palette (top, featuring changing colors and animation around the room), and Parrot Cay (bottom, which is ditching its jungle theme for a fresh new Brazil-inspired restaurant called Carioca’s).

  • More Changes to be Revealed!

    More Changes to be Revealed!

    Disney is just starting to reveal the new changes to the Disney Magic ship — all of which will take place over a 6-week period.

    See videos of the new Disney Magic: video 1 and video 2.

Book now to be one of the first to see the brand new Disney Magic! The reimagined Disney Magic will make its debut in Miami this October, and then it’ll move to Port Canaveral in January through May 2014.

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