5 Must-Haves for a Weekend Away with Baby

Whenever your traveling with a little one I feel like we truly are bringing everything but the kitchen sink. I always have so many bags when packing up the family and when I went away this past weekend, I finally decided to streamline my packing process and bringing only our essentials. Last weekend we headed up to the lake house to enjoy the memorial day weekend. From the water to the sun, we were outside almost all day and it was so much fun to take time to enjoy the weekend. That said, I did pack a few must-have essentials for the weekend away with my littles ones.

Click-through what you’ll need when you head out of town with baby! 

  • Minnie Mouse Wet Bag

    A wet bag is perfect for the changes when you’re on the water. I changed Grayson before we got into the car and it’s great to be able to have a designated bag for the wet suits!

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  • Mickey Mouse Umbrella Stroller

    Mickey Mouse Umbrella Stroller

    I always leave my big bulky stroller at home because it’s takes up so much space when traveling. Instead opt for a light weight, easy to fold Umbrella Stroller when you head out of town.

  • Huggies Little Swimmers

    We couldn’t survive the water without these disposable diapers with our favorite Disney characters on them. From the beach to the pool to the lake — you’ll want to make sure your little one has the right diaper on for the water.

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  • Wipe Case

    Don’t leave home without the wipes! They came in handy not just for wiping buns but for getting sand off tiny places like pacifiers and sippy cups.

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