Wyatt’s Biggest Moment Leading Up to His First Birthday

We had a big moment last night.

Amid playing with the dog and as Mom was folding the laundry, our little guy was doing his best to empty the hamper of clean clothes before Mom could. I’m sure your little ones have done the same. Crawl over to the hamper and then start tossing clean clothes overboard as fast as possible. Wyatt pulled himself up and was standing holding onto the side of the hamper when suddenly, and unexpectedly, it happened…

He let go and stood all by himself.

He even gave himself a few claps for a job well done before plopping his booty back on the floor after a few seconds. All the while my wife and I looked at him, then at each other in amazement – stunned. Our eyes saying, “did he just do that?” If only we were able to snap a photo of that exact moment.

How is our little boy growing up so fast?


When we think about it though, it hasn’t been so fast. We’re coming up on his first birthday in September, and that has meant some serious back-and-forth negotiations between Team Mom and Team Dad on the budget. Perhaps you had that same conversation with your spouse? A first birthday is a big moment for baby, but I guess also a big moment for Mom and Dad. A signal of “we made it!” Exhaustion didn’t beat us (yet) so let’s throw a big party to celebrate (our child).

With less than two months to go, conversations in our house have ranged from themes, to cake or cupcakes, location, what to serve, and specific dates. I’m going to be honest here for a second. I had no idea this much planning and thought went into a first birthday party. I was under the impression, you buy a smash cake, have some family and friends over, and celebrate. I was wrong.

I’m excited to think about my son reaching his first birthday. He is growing, learning, and sharing so much more each and every day. Being a father has lived up to every hope, wish, and dream I could have imagined. With one year nearly behind us, celebrating that moment is an exciting moment for all of us… I mean him.

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