How to Style Gender Neutral Baby Clothes

Recently, after getting quite behind on our laundry situation, my mom (being the saint she is) offered to do it for us. Within a day she brought back a basket of perfectly sorted items, ready to be put away into drawers. Then, I saw an extra bag she brought along. She handed it to me, and asked if I could sort them since she wasn’t able to figure out who they belonged to. Such is the problem when your 15-month-old son and your almost-4-year-old daughter are only one size off from one another and you have a penchant for gender neutral baby clothes.

I’m pretty sure that within the next year my kids will be able to share clothes, and as such, I just might start purchasing items for them to share intentionally. I think it’s so fun to style an outfit in unique ways and seeing how to style the same item for a boy and a girl is even more fun!


I’ve been inspired by the Peek x Disney Baby line and thought it would be fun to do a little mixing and matching to find ways to style the same items for both a brother or a sister! Check it out!

  • Who Wore It Best: Brother Sister Edition

    Outfit 1: Boy

    The first item I styled was this classic Mickey Mouse crew neck sweatshirt. You just can't go wrong with classic Mickey! Here's the outfit I styled for baby brother - perfect for a day of his rough-and-tumble antics.
  • Who Wore It Best: Brother Sister Edition

    Outfit 1: Girl

    And here's the look I put together for big sister... proof that swapping out accessories and considering the details can make a world of difference.
  • Who Wore It Best: Brother Sister Edition

    Outfit 2: Boy

    The other item I styled was this Winnie the Pooh "Think, Think, Think" sweatshirt. Here's the look I put together for my little guy. Pairing the sweatshirt with boots and a collared shirt brings it up a notch and adding a beanie will keep the cold at bay. It's a great look that it still super comfy and practical.
  • Who Wore It Best: Brother Sister Edition

    Outfit 2: Girl

    Here's what I put together for my daughter using the same "Think Think Think" sweatshirt. Tall socks with the same gender neutral boots (they are her brother's now, but were hers when she was a baby) and a plaid skirt. Then add the layer of a jacket, and it's a completely different style.

Thinking outside the box when it comes to shopping for your little ones can be a lot of fun and can help you come up with unique outfit combinations that you might never have considered if you were shopping solely in the “girl’s section” or the “boy’s section.” I’m so glad I’ve always done this, because I’ve been able to use so many of my daughter’s hand-me-downs for my son! Stylish and practical!

And don’t forget to check out the Peek x Disney Baby line!

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