Words I Will Be Sad for My Daughter to Pronounce Correctly

Hearing my daughter learn new words is pretty much my favorite thing on the planet. At 19 months she is totally in that stage where she will attempt to parrot pretty much anything we say, and I love hearing her personal adaptations. Here are a few of my favorite toddler words. It will be bittersweet when she finally starts pronouncing them correctly.

Words I Will Be Sad For My Daughter To Pronounce Correctly

Words I Will Be Sad For My Daughter To Pronounce Correctly:

“Wah-fuhs” – Waffles

“Ah-puh” – Apple

“Baf” – Bath

“Muh-nah-nuh” – Banana

“Mah-yee” – Marley (our dog)


“Peese” – Please

“Wah-duh” or “Wah-tuh” – Water

“Bah” – Bar (as in a granola bar)

“Chi-chens” – Chickens

“Damma” – Grandma

“Mih-tee” – Mickey

“Ahh-dun” – All done (always used as a single word)

“Pah-tuh” – Pasta

“Fit-it” – Fix it (two-word phrase used as one word)

“Ree-dit’ – Read it (another two-word phrase commonly used as a single word)

“Puh-pull” – Purple

“Beh-fess” – Breakfast

“Ah-may” – Her friend Alomae

“Wah-dun” – Wagon

“Pid” – Pig

“Muh-tee” – Monkey

“Hummush” – Hummus

I’m sure there are a ton more, but these are definitely favorites. It’s so fun to watch her growing up and becoming such a unique little person. Being a mama to a toddler is definitely so much more fun than I ever imagined!


What words does your little one mispronounce?

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