15 Winter-Inspired Names for New Year’s Babies

‘Tis the season of snow and cuddly sweaters! And speaking of winter, there are so many non-holiday, yet winter related baby names that would be lovely for a New Year’s baby.

Here are a few of my favorites…

  • Neve


    Meaning “Snow” and having a Latin origin, this name, pronounced to rhyme with “leave”, is feminine and unique.

  • Aster


    Meaning: “star” and of Greek origin, the Aster flower has been considered enchanted and in ancient times it was thought that it could drive away evil (like Sage). In modern times, it’s considered a sign of love and patience.

  • Gwen


    Meaning “blessed” or more holiday specific, “White” is of Welsh origin. Although it’s commonly a nickname (for longer names like Guinevere) it’s pretty all on it’s own and has become much more common thanks to stars like Gwen Stefani.

  • Thaddeus


    Meaning “gift of god”, Thaddeus is a strong name, to be sure, but it might just be the perfect one for your little man. With a vintage feel and cool options for nicknames like Thad, Tad, or Thade.

  • Belle


    While it’s of French origin, it’s become a well-loved name in English cultures too. Meaning “beautiful” it is also pretty as the shortened version of elegant names like Annabella or Isabella. It was one of the Top 100 most popular baby names in the 1880’s, you know, if you like vintage things.

  • Whittaker


    Meaning “white field” and of English origin this name is cool in it’s full glory or shortened to “Whit.”.

  • Freesia


    Meaning: the exotic flower, it is a great name choice for parents who love floral names but also want something unique.

  • Finn


    Meaning “fair” and of Irish origin, Finn is a name with quirk, energy, and charm, this name comes from Irish mythology where Finn MacCool was a warrior with mystical powers of wisdom and generosity.

  • January


    Quite a pretty little girl’s name, the name comes from the —- god of new beginnings, Janus. (It’s also the name of a popular and lovely actress, January Jones).

  • Paxton


    Meaning “peaceful” and of Latin origin, Paxton is a striking name (probably because of it’s central X) with peaceful connotations and a great option for a cute nickname: Pax.

  • Primrose


    Meaning: “first rose”, this name may sound familiar if you’re a fan of the Hunger Game’s series as it is the name of one of the characters. This name is found a lot in British writing but is still “catching fire” in the U.S. (get it?).

  • Nora


    Meaning “light”, Nora is a name making its way back up the charts in its highest rank of popularity since the early 1900’s. Perhaps that is due to quirky and cool charm thanks to movies like Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist and musical artist Norah Jones.

  • Scarlett


    Meaning red, this name has been growing in popularity, probably thanks to its owner Scarlett Johansson, but this name has been full of southern charm since back when Miss Scarlett O’Hara claimed it.

  • Paloma


    Meaning “dove” from spanish origin and used typically in Italy, Spain and Hungry it is a unique and delicate name with peaceful connotations.

  • Seraphina


    Meaning “fiery” and of Hebrew origin, this name was taken from the six winged angels called seraphim. This name has risen the ranks of popularity thanks to parents Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck who chose it for their angelic daughter.


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