Winter Necessity: Stroller Blankets

One of my goals for 2014 is to get more exercise (and I know I’m not the only one!), so I’m starting up a walking group with other moms in my neighborhood.

When we lived in Texas, I walked twice a week with several other moms, all of us pushing strollers for 4 miles. It was one of my favorite parts of the week – the fresh air, the socializing, and the exercise. I can’t wait to get it started here too.

Of course, starting in January means it’s pretty chilly outside so I’m feeling really grateful for my stroller blanket that will keep my baby nice and snuggly each morning while we walk.

Have you seen stroller blankets? I’d never even heard of them until I got one as a gift for my older daughter. Now it’s one of my favorite baby items!

  • Stay Warm While You Walk!

    Stay Warm While You Walk!

    A few reasons I love my stroller blanket (plus a couple of darling ones from Disney Baby!)

  • Better than a Blanket

    Better than a Blanket

    A blanket is tricky to use instead because it doesn’t stay put very well, and if it’s too thin, your child gets freezing cold. But if it’s too thick, it’s really hard to get it to stay in place!

  • Snuggly Baby

    Snuggly Baby

    A stroller blanket can be thick and warm, but because you aren’t tucking it around your baby, it’s not going to flop out of place.

  • The Lion King Fleece Stroller Blanket

    A pocket at the bottom means your baby’s tiny toes won’t be poking out into the cold!

    Available from Disney

  • Minnie Mouse Fleece Stroller Blanket

    Openings in the back mean you can fasten it right onto the stroller buckles and it won’t slide around (or slip off onto the ground – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve run over a blanket that’s fallen out of the stroller).

    Available from Disney Baby

  • MICKEY MOUSE Fleece Stroller Blanket

    All the Disney Baby stroller blankets fold into a pocket for easy storage or convert to full size 34″x34″ blanket. I love a multi-purpose product.

    Available from Disney Baby

  • Everyone's Happy!

    Everyone's Happy!

    I leave my stroller blanket strapped into the stroller so it’s always ready when I want to take my girls out in the cold.

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