Winnie the Pooh Memory Book: Reflecting on Year One

My baby girl, “Pink”, turns two on Friday. Two! Of course birthdays are full of celebration and anticipation, but I can’t help also reflecting on the two years that seemed to go by in a flash. Being that organization isn’t my strong suit, I haven’t done a baby book yet. Yet. (That’s what my blog is for, right?) I found this really sweet Winnie the Pooh Memory book right here on Disney Baby, and it got me thinking. Here’s what I would have written. And will. Someday.

  • Where it all begins...

    Where it all begins...

    Right there, in those two openings, I’d put a picture of your teeny-tiny feet (that are now outgrowing yet another pair of shoes) and your dreamy sleeping face (that’s now alert with curiosity and energy).

  • Pockets of precious

    Pockets of precious

    In one, I’d put the little velcro bow that was the first girlie accessory in this house, thanks to you having two big brothers. And in the other, an itty-bitty ballet slipper sock. It was as if we knew you’d be a little dancer…

  • Mommy and Daddy

    Mommy and Daddy

    The most interesting things about us? We’ll tell you when you’re much, much older. (Kidding, of course. Kind of.) Mommy thinks you look just like her. Daddy thinks you look just like him.

  • Milestone moments

    Milestone moments

    Just like your brothers, you always got high numbers on height and low numbers on weight (though they seem to be evening out these days…). And your first steps? They were very late. But they were adorable and surprising. Just like you.

  • Oh, how you're loved

    Oh, how you're loved

    Grandpas who will adore you. Grandmas who will spoil you. Uncles who will laugh with you. Aunts who will braid your hair. Brothers who will drive you crazy. They’re all here on this family tree, and they all love you madly.

What about you? Have you started a baby book for your little bear?

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