Why You Should Take Your Toddler To Disney on Ice

Last weekend, we (ok, so it was all my idea, like all forced family outings) surprised the kids with tickets to Disney on Ice.

We had asked my mom to babysit our youngest, Jake, who is 20 months old, but at the last minute, she and my dad had other plans and couldn’t watch him.

Although I thought that the best course of action was to leave him at home with a babysitter so we could really enjoy the show, we decided to take him with us.

And luckily for us, he loved it. 

As soon as the show started, he ooohed and ahhhed right along with his sisters and pointed to the ice when his beloved Mickey Mouse and Peter Pan took the “stage”.

Alternating between my lap and my husband’s kept him pretty busy and of course, we made sure to let him run around during intermission.


Granted, by the end of the second half of the show, he was getting a little antsy. But luckily, this mama came prepared. Sorry venue people, but I totally smuggled snacks in. I have a diaper bag and I know how to use it.

A few string cheeses, a granola bar or two, and a handy squeezable applesauce did the trick to get all of my kids through a little last-minute restlessness and he was back to his normal, happy self.

But at the end of the show, when he clapped and cheered, his adorable smile lighting up his face, I was so glad that we didn’t leave him at home. In fact, when we got back to the car and buckled everyone in, I was shocked to see that two hours had flown by. The show was honestly so much fun it didn’t even feel like two hours had passed.

The day turned out so much fun and my daughters exclaimed that they love Disney on Ice and want to go back every year. And confession: Mom really doesn’t mind–I love the ice skating and the show.

Although I sometimes fear getting out of the house with my three young children, the truth is, I think it benefits all of us to get out as a family. He learns how to behave in public and we get to do be together as a family.

And seeing his smile, perched on his dad’s lap, across from his sisters?

Made our day totally perfect.

Oh, and you can visit to find a show near you!

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