Why You Need to Schedule a Newborn Photo Shoot

When I had my first two children, it never really crossed my mind to get professional newborn pictures done. 

Sure, I admired the adorable pictures of other mothers who had them done, the angelic sleeping babies with bows on their heads or the precious bundles wrapped up in cozy blankets. But I never thought that getting them done would be right for me. I mean, who had time for that? I was a new mother with a hundred and one things to do, right?


Little did I know, I should have made those newborn photos a priority, not pushed them to the side.

Image via the author/photo by j&j brusie photography


By the time my third child, our first son, came along, we were lucky enough to have a professional photographer in the family, my husband’s cousin, who offered to snap a few shots of our not-so-little man before a family party only a couple of weeks after he was born.

Finally feeling like a mom who had it all together, I jumped at the chance–and I was amazed at the result.

Although he screamed about 90% of the time and just wanted to nurse, we were able to settle him down for some gorgeous, gorgeous pictures that I treasure to this day. Somehow, even after going through two other babies, it never fails to amaze how fast they really do grow. Those newborn days are so fleeting and I will be forever grateful that I finally took the steps to book a professional newborn photo shoot…

Because those memories?

Of the days when my son was so tiny he could fit in a basket?

Of the tiny arms and legs that once fit in my arms?

Of the tiny newborn squalls that filled our ears and yet made us smile at the same time?

Those memories are priceless.

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