Why We’re Waiting to Potty Train

For whatever reason, there is so much pressure on parents for their children to pass each milestone by a certain age.

From sleeping through the night to potty training, there seems to be some invisible race that we’re all in. From my experience as a mama of two (soon to be three!) girls, it seems that NOT stressing over certain milestones is the way to go.

Instead of putting pressure on ourselves and our children, staying up in the night to read every single parenting expert book, or gathering advice from all of our seasoned friends, we’re able to enjoy our children and the stage they are at.

Ingrid, our youngest, just turned 2. And while many parents start hardcore potty training at this age, we’re not.


Here’s why…

With our first daughter, we put way too much pressure on her to go in the toilet. We tried everything. We tried prizes and treats, fun games and songs, reading books, etc. We even looked up potty training regimens and schedules. Nothing ever worked. All of the reasons we gave her for going in the toilet didn’t seem to matter to her.

And when we finally let up, she decided she was ready.

With every other milestone, we have been laid back. We didn’t stress out about our babies sleeping through the night at a certain stage. We didn’t worry about them eating certain foods by a certain time or walking by 12 months, either. Instead, we let them grow and develop on their own. With both girls, they “passed” each milestone in their own time, when they were emotionally and developmentally ready. So for us, it makes sense to do the same thing with toilet training.

All that being said, we are still very much talking about the potty. We show Ingrid the potty and ask her if she’d like to sit on it. Sometimes she sits on it and sometimes she replies with a firm, “NO.” And that’s okay. Because we know that she’ll learn to use the toilet soon, when she is ready.

What about you? Are you more laid back about certain milestones or do you feel pressure to meet them by a certain time/age?

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