Why the Right Babysitter Can Make All the Difference

This morning, my phone rang with an incoming call from my husband. 

I paused the episode of “How I Met Your Mother” (I’m only on like Season 2, so don’t tell me the finale, ok?) that I had been watching as I huffed and puffed through my elliptical workout and answered.

“Hello?” I said breathlessly.

“Hey,” he replied. “I just wanted to let you know that I just dropped the kids off at the sitter’s and they immediately ran outside to the swing set. They are having a blast.”

And just like that, suddenly my day got a whole lot better.

My kids at the babysitter’s house.  

There was a time in my life when I eschewed hiring a babysitter of any kind for my children.

Namely, when my daughter was first-born and I was working two jobs–one at night as a nurse and one from home during the day–and I really should have had a sitter so I could, I don’t know, sleep, but I refused. How could I squander the precious moment I had with my little girl? Plus, I’ve always been a bit on the frugal side and I could not justify the expense of hiring someone to watch my baby when I wanted to be with her all.the.time.


But as I’ve grown as a mother and into a career that I love, I’ve realized that for us, hiring a babysitter occasionally is not only good for me, to allow me time to do the work that I love, but it’s actually good for my kids.

They love going to the babysitter’s house. 

In fact, this week is spring break for my oldest and every day she has begged me to go the babysitter’s, so off they have gone, for an extra day this week. At the sitter’s, the run and play outside in a way that they just don’t at my house. There is always a pack of kids there and they come home in the dirty, exhausted state of childhood that I know is so good for them.

We are so lucky that our babysitter also happens to be the kid’s great-aunt, who watches them in her house on the family farm. So not only are they there and loving it and having a good time, but I love the fact that they are with family and spending time with her in a way that might not have otherwise. Plus, it’s so much fun for them, especially my son, to see the comings and going of the farm life.

And as a working mother, I can’t say enough to how having found the right babysitter for our children has changed our lives.

There is nothing like the peace I feel, knowing that my kids are loved and safe and genuinely having a blast, to help me work and know that everyone is happy.

So, moms, if you are considering whether or not it’s the right move to hire a babysitter for your children, whether it’s for work or just the occasional break, I can’t recommend it enough. I believe that the right babysitter can make all the difference–and that it’s good for both you and your kids.

Three cheers for babysitter’s! (Also, Aunt Jody, if you read my posts, thank you!)

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