Why My Little Z is My Own Minnie Mouse + 9 Adorable Minnie Tees

Quick, name everyone’s favorite female Disney character! Right! Minnie Mouse! Now, I can also name our family’s favorite character: Baby Z! Minnie and Zaynab are pretty much two of a kind. They’re both sweet-tooth aching adorable, stylish, and fashionable! I may be biased, but I can’t help but feel like everything Z wears is the cutest thing ever. It’s all in the confidence she has parading around the house! She may be sporting some fun printed leggings and her favorite pink polka dot rain boots, or sashaying around in her Minnie Mouse tutu dress.

Z and Minnie share an infectious smile and laugh that softens the heart. Their little giggles make me squeal with delight! And I just can’t resist the site of either one of them in polka dots! Check out these super adorable Minnie Mouse T-shirts that would look oh-so-cute on your mini Minnie Mouse!

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