Why I’m Thankful for a Second Chance at Babyhood

Lola’s arrival changed my life in countless ways. Armed with some of the lessons navigating life with my oldest child had taught me, I entered this era of my journey through motherhood with a different outlook. With my oldest, my life was very different. While I enjoyed babyhood, I had no idea that it was as fleeting as it was. Plus, circumstances didn’t allow for me to slow down. I was hard at work trying to ensure we both had a fighting chance.

But this time around, I have slowed my pace. I have made more of an effort to live in the moments and take them in for what they are. To remember the way it feels to hold a sleeping baby on my chest — a simple joy that not only comforts the baby, but comforts the mama. To make a mental note of the giggles shared between sisters as their eyes meet and welcome the morning. To sit and take in all that is happening before my eyes. I’ve learned not to let my worries or dreams and hopes for our future overshadow the magic of the now.


Being a parent can be scary. You find yourself responsible for another person. Your desire is to get them through and prepare them for adulthood — to ensure that they’ve got that fighting chance I mentioned. But I have also come to see that my job is also to give them opportunity to see the gift that childhood is. And with that, enough room to dance in its magic. And in doing so, I’ve been able to dance alongside my babies. Relishing in the magic of childhood with them.

I’m grateful for the chance to enjoy babyhood for a second time. Having a baby opens your eyes to the simple joys that come by being present. Things that are missed in our hurried state conquering the day-to-day challenges that come with living.

But babies and their rapid growth also tend to remind you how fast life goes by. One minute, they’re swaddled in the crook of your arms, and the next minute they’re taking steps toward independence. Babies remind you to take in every moment; to realize that things don’t always go as planned, and that pressing pause is okay. At least they remind me of that. Life moves fast, and sometimes we have to move fast in order to keep up — but not always.

Baby toes

Baby breath

Seeing the love shared amongst sisters

Watching my husband caring for his daughters

More cuddles

Teeny tiny clothes

Eyes filled with wonder

These are some of the things that have made me grateful for a second chance to travel through life with a baby in tow. But I’m especially grateful for another chance to immerse myself in a second helping of babyhood. And I’m savoring every moment of it.

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