Why I’m Ready to Put the Diaper Bag Away

I remember searching online for my first diaper bag so I could add it to my registry. I was so excited. After searching through what felt like hundreds of bags, I settled on something large and simple. A black diaper bag that would fit everything I needed but match all of my clothes. I’m a practical girl.

Months after my son was born, I started to feel like the diaper bag I selected was way too big. You see, I like to plan ahead and I was hoping to have another kid soon, so I got a bag that was huge. What was I thinking?

When my daughter was born, two and a half years later, I actually downgraded and got a smaller diaper bag. Go figure. By that point my son wanted to carry his own stuff in a tiny backpack he had, so the gigantic bag I had was still too much. And, of course, when I downgraded I got another black one. I know, know – talk about boring.


Now my son is an independent 4-year-old, and Jada is almost 20 months old. When we leave the house, the diaper bag typically has Jada’s stuff in it and maybe just a few snacks for my son. Sometimes, I just leave the diaper bag at home and stuff a few diapers and wipes in my large handbag.

The truth is, as much as I love having little ones, I just don’t love diaper bags that much. I think they are awesome when babies are young, and if I had to do it all over, I would definitely still get one (maybe a smaller one, though). But now that my little baby is growing up, I have realized that maybe the diaper bag is one of those things I can just put away. I won’t ditch them because I am not sure if I am done having children, but I think there is a nice plastic bin in my basement that can hold them both.

I’m looking forward to a summer that includes large handbags that hold everything I need, instead of carrying two bags or digging for my wallet and cell phone in the diaper bag. I will place what the kids need in my own bag, or they will each carry a small backpack (I have been eyeing this tiny, adorable Minnie Mouse backpack for weeks). Diaper bag life was good to me, and I am grateful for all the awesome experiences we’ve shared with those two bags, but this mommy is ready to move on. My kids don’t care – as long as I still have their snacks and everything else they need, and mommy is happier for it.

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