Why I’m Even More Excited About Celebrating Holidays with My Baby

I love holiday feasts. Plates filled with comfort food savored in the midst of memory-making at its finest. The greatest meals are the ones enjoyed with the people I love. And my favorite foods are the starches. Although perhaps not the most nutritious of the bunch, my belly is content once it has been filled with macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes. The good stuff — and there is nothing quite like that first bite. So pleasing to the palate.

Each year, like clockwork, I finish my plate and help myself to seconds. Because as wonderful as that first plate of food was, it’s the seconds that I truly enjoy. A few more bites of my favorites and chance to revisit the deliciousness. And sometimes I find that the second helpings are even better than the first.


My baby’s first holidays were magical. I was afforded the joy of being able to travel through the holiday season with the most precious gift a parent could ever receive – a child. I got to hold her in my arms and post Instagram photos hashtag #thankful and #babysfirstchristmas. I was filled to the brim with joy, glowing as we posed for a family photo in front of my mother’s Christmas tree and relished in the quiet moments when I would sneak away to nurse my baby, just the two of us in the midst of celebrations in which we were surrounded with family and friends.

But now it’s time for the second helping. And as glorious as our first holidays together were I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for her. See, the first holidays were magical for me but this year they will be magical for my baby too. Lola is much older now which means she’ll be an active participant in the festivities, no longer silently watching from her mama’s arms.

This year she will eat comfort food right alongside the rest of us, she will be able to feel wrapping paper and holiday garland between her fingertips and wobble across the floor with wrapped boxes in hand. She will be able to clap and dance and babble as we sing Christmas carols and stare in awe at twinkling holiday lights. There are so many memories that I can’t wait to make with my family this year and the best part is that my baby will be there right in the midst of it, interacting with her mama, daddy and big sister.

This is the year when I delight in the magic of babyhood in a way unlike the year before. This is the year when the holidays aren’t just magical for me but for her also. This is a year when she is more than just an observer but an active participant in the wonders of the season.

A second helping of holiday cheer, even more delectable than the first.


Photo of Lola taken by Love Child Photo

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